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Can Your Domains Get Hijacked?

Imagine this scenario: your customer service line gets a call from the owner of a small business whose e-commerce website is hosted through your service. The owner is in a panic. After months of steady visitor traffic and consistent daily transactions, suddenly all visits to her site have stopped. Not knowing what do to next, […]

What To Remember When Moving To A New Control Panel

Very rarely will you have to move your website to a new control panel interface, especially if you’re using shared hosting. Most web hosting providers will not give you the choice of several different offerings, or even the option to migrate to a new base. However, if you’re using VPS or dedicated hosting, you may […]

Enkompass: A Windows Control Panel For The Masses

So, you finally bit the bullet: You gave in and used a Windows-based web host, contrary to the popular, Linux-oriented hosting. Before we say good for you, though, we just want to point out one sad fact—there aren’t many quality, Windows-ready control panels out there for managing your new content. At least, there aren’t many […]

Using cPanel to Change File Permissions: How and Why?

One option that you might have seen when exploring cPanel is the ability to change your file permissions.  You may know that setting file permissions is important to security, but you may have been overwhelmed by the number of options.  So let’s take a quick refresher course on this topic, because you are right: it […]

The Control Panel B Team – A World Beyond cPanel

The popularity of cPanel can mask the fact that it is far from the only control panel option out there.  It is also not the only good one.  Dozens of well-supported feature-rich control panels exist, and as not every host even uses cPanel, the beginner who is facing the question of choosing a new web […]

Performing IP Filtering Through cPanel – A Brief Tutorial

Security is something that nearly every webmaster has the need for, but not every webmaster knows how to pursue effectively the appropriate security measures.  Given the craftiness of the hacker world, it can seem to the novice an unwinnable fight where they just have to accept a certain amount of break-ins as a sort of […]

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