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How Much Should You Pay for a Domain Name?

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In the early days of the internet, all domains where generally the same price – about $70 per name for the first two years with a $35 per year renewal fee thereafter.  Needless to say, many people are glad that those days are long gone as domains can now be easily secured for under $10.00 a year.  However, there is no set price for domain names as the costs vary among different registrars.  There are a many companies with budget services that only offer the name while more offer additional features such as domain parking, security mechanisms and other services.

Renewal runs anywhere from $5 to $15 with discounts available for registering years in advance. Aside from getting a better deal, there are several reasons to pay for multiple years at a time.  By securing your domain for the future, you can save yourself the frustration of having to register at the last minute and also keep it off the market and away from others who might want it.  The last thing you want to do is let time elapse and come to find that your domain name is no longer available.

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Fortunately, you typically have 30 days to redeem a domain after it expires though some companies charge steep fees when it goes into the redemption period.   Once the redemption period has elapsed, there is usually five days before the domain becomes available on the market.  During this period, the domain is locked and can’t be transferred, restored or modified in anyway.  You can try waiting out the five days to avoid paying redemption fees, but take heed.  At this stage, your domain is placed back on the market and can be registered by anyone.

After purchasing a domain name, you have the freedom to renew or transfer it with any registrar you choose.  Most companies will charge a fee of around $15 for holding the domain on their server.  The key is to shop around the net and find the best deal as bargains are widely available.  With stiff competition in the industry, registrars want to offer a good price to keep you around over the long haul.

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Buying Security Features

When searching for a place to register your domain, look for a registrar that offers some kind of security.  Many companies will conceal your contact information using various  strategies.  The results are generally the same which is keeping your name, phone number and address from being displayed when someone performs a search on your domain. Although registrars go to great lengths to keep your information secure, clever spammers may still be able to exploit the system by harvesting email addresses and delivering bulks of unsolicited messages.  You can however, limit this exploit by opting for a private domain registration.

All in all, a domain name is a small investment that can work wonders for your online presence.  As long as you keep it registered and secure, you can avoid all the ridiculous fees and other issues and get the most out of your website.


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