Summer Web Hosting Coupons

As a global provider of quality shared, VPS, reseller and dedicated servers, Host Color recently announced several new discount codes for money off of web hosting packages. The coupons apply to a variety of hosting products and services including the company’s new 100 Mbps Unmetered plans.

The SUMMERTIME Coupon Code

One such discount coupon code is SUMMERTIME which decreases the price of shared hosting by 25 percent with instant savings upon signup. This coupon applies to “Blog Hosting”, “CMS Hosting”, “Social Web”, “Multiple Domain Hosting” and the “Web Mall” service plans. As a result, the Blog Hosting package is reduced to $2.99/month which is one of the most inexpensive quality blog packages in the industry.

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Basic Features of All Packages

All accounts are protected by a RAID 10 configuration. The hard drives feature PHP 5.2.9, Perl 5.8.8 and Python 2.4.3 scripts in addition to Ruby on Rails. Databases include, PostgreSQL 81.18 and Apache 2.2.11.  Furthermore, site owners are given the opportunity to install over 200 Open Source applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Zikula, Magento, ZenPhoto, MediaWiki, Elg, Dolphin, MODx and many more through a single click from the control panel.

The Dedicated Server Hosting Discount

Those with high traffic websites that required dedicated hosting can receive up to 12 percent in savings with coupon code MYSERVER. This includes savings on hosting packages Dedicated Start, Dedicated Plus, Dedicated Advance and Dedicated Power. Also, this coupon code will decrease the price of “dedicated 100mbs Unmetered” hosting to $699/month. With this package, customers receive the highest quality bandwidth and a 100 percent uptime guarantee.

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Highest Quality Equipment

Host Color boasts that it does not use cheap hardware in its server systems, unlike many other providers. This ensures the greatest amount of uptime and best performance on the web. All dedicated servers feature a Supermicro chassis and motherboards. Hard disk drives are server edition WD RE 3, created for the most demanding enterprise clients.

Host Color Company Information

Located in Delaware, Host Color is hosted out of a brand-new data center in South Bend, Indiana. Due to its location, the facility is strategically located in the Midwest to guarantee the lowest latency to all points in North America. The other data center that hosts European websites is located in Lisbon, Portugal. With the company’s 100 percent uptime guarantee, customers will enjoy blazing fast speeds, a redundant network and low latency.

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