eCommerce Affiliate Tax Law War


There is currently an ongoing state-by-state battle over tax collection by state governments with regards to purchases made on affiliate websites. Recently Amazon warned thousands of affiliates that their revenue streams would be eliminated if a tax bill passes. A few short hours following the announcement, Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill into a law. […]

New Partner Program Announced by Tenzing

Tenzing Managed IT Services recently went live with the Tenzing Partner Program, a new support program allowing partners and resellers to provider their customers with SLA-backed managed hosting services. The best aspect of this program is there’s no capital investment or risk involved to the partner, they simply need to sell the Tenzing service. The […]

Common E-commerce Hosting Terminology

Choosing an e-commerce hosting plan can be extremely difficult for two reasons.  One is because there are so many options available to you.  The second is all the confusing terminology and technical jargon a hosting provider will throw at you.  This article will aim to clear up some of that confusion. Affiliate Program – An […]