How to Obtain a Free Web Domain

Although registering domain names is a cheap and easy process, many people simply don’t want to make an investment until they are sure they know what they are doing. Thus, the search for free domain names seems to be ever-present, and there are frequently new providers springing up that offer free web hosting and domain registration service. Unfortunately, many of these “free” service providers are far from free, and almost all of them have a monetary motive. However, there are ways to get websites, and even web hosting for free. The following information should help you get a free domain, or sub domain for free.

Free Sub Domains

Perhaps the easiest way to get your own domain is to register a free subdomain of a larger site such as or These sites let you have a domain that is not only free, but also bears their reputable name. For example, a free sub domain at would look like – There are also free hosting companies that offer sub domains like this as well, such as These free subdomains will register as a real site with Google, and technically it is your domain.

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Earning Domain Names

Another way that you can get access to a free domain name is through a rewards based system in which you fill out surveys in exchange for rewards points. There are sites that will let you fill out several surveys in exchange for a domain name. This works because the site that gives you the domain is not a registrar, but rather an affiliate marketer that earns a commission from every survey that you fill out. Thus, after you’ve filled out the survey the affiliate site then has enough to purchase you a domain as the middle man of the transaction. Nonetheless, it is a viable way to get a free domain name.

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Using Web 2.0 To Get Free Domains

You can also use web 2.0 sites like to get a free subdomains. will give you a blogpsot domain, that in fact will rank quite well in Google in many cases. For example, if you register your blog with, your domain would appear as Since there are so many web 2.0 sites out there, it can be very easy to build a substantial network of web 2.0 properties in a relatively short period of time. Using these free domains you can create a network of sites used to funnel web traffic efficiently within targeted niches.

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.Info Domains

Although .info domains are not free, they only cost around a dollar, and provide all of the advantages of a .com site without the higher cost. Surprisingly, many times .info domains can rank just as highly as their .com counterparts. If you purchase a .com domain with Godaddy you will receive a .info domain for free, so it is possible to get free .info domains. You can also get free domains from many web hosts, as many hosts include free domains with their plans.

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