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Shared Web Hosting vs. Free Web Hosting

If you are thinking of putting your website online, you don’t have to work very hard. All you have to do is choose and purchase a domain name, host your…

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Critical Factors for Choosing a Web Host

Today’s global economy demands a web presence in order to be considered a formidable competitor.  For small and mid-size companies, navigating web hosting services is often a daunting task, occasionally…

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Web Hosting and its Types

Web hosting is the facility where more than one website resides. It is a facility for all the Internet users as they upload their websites on the web host server…

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Free Web Hosting Limits

If you are thinking about saving on web hosting costs then you should consider free web hosting services that don’t cost a penny and which, though they have not very…

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Choosing a Web Hosting Company

There are number of factors that are to be considered while choosing a company for posting your web site. Internet marketing is one of the most growing businesses these days….

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Beginner’s Guide to Web Hosting

Web hosting is basically an Internet service that allows companies and individuals to create their own space on the Internet. Web hosting companies have servers that act as data centres….

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Which Web Hosting is Best For You?

With thousands of beginners trying their hand at websites, it is certain that the market is becoming quite crowded. From music blogs to gossip communities and technological havens – these…

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How to Obtain a Free Web Domain

Although registering domain names is a cheap and easy process, many people simply don’t want to make an investment until they are sure they know what they are doing. Thus,…

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Questions About Free Web Hosting

The internet is an ever-growing sea of entrepreneurs and small business owners, and with every passing day new people are joining the gold rush trying to get their piece of…

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Freehostia – Free and Paid Hosting Company

Offering web hosting services for over five years now, Freehostia is slightly different from the rest.  A new customer can start out with a free web hosting account to try…

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Free Hosting Is Not Always The Best Choice

With the economy hitting not only the individual but also businesses, many are looking toward free web hosting services to house their online site.  For monetary reasons, this looks great…

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Tips to Apply to Free Hosting

If you have been considering a free web hosting service for your website needs, you may want to think twice and prepare yourself to deal with pop-ups, pop-unders, third-party banner…