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Freehostia – Free and Paid Hosting Company

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Offering web hosting services for over five years now, Freehostia is slightly different from the rest.  A new customer can start out with a free web hosting account to try out the services and move up to a paid account accordingly.  Sure, there are a few hosting companies out there that offer similar free accounts, but Freehostia does it without forced advertising.

Accounts offered

Freehostia offers five different account levels – Chocolate, Watercircle, Lovebeat, Wildhoney and Supernatural.  These plans range in pricing from free to $9.95 a month.

Chocolate – 250 MB in disk space, 6 GB bandwidth, 3 PHP3/IMAP e-mail accounts, 1 MySQL database, 10 MB database space – free

Watercircle – 500 MB in disk space, 12 GB bandwidth, 100 POP3/IMAP e-mail accounts, 2 MySQL databases, 25 MB database space – $2.95 a month

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Lovebeat – 12000 MB in disk space, 150 GB bandwidth, 300 PHP3/IMAP e-mail accounts, 8 MySQL databases, 60 MB database space – $4.95 a month

Wildhoney – 35000 MB in disk space, 400 GB bandwidth, free domain name, 15 MySQL databases, 90 MB database space – $7.95 a month

Supernatural – 90000 MB in disk space, 900 GB bandwidth, free domain name, 50 MySQL databases, 120 MB database space – $9.95 a month

1-Click installer

Elefante is offered with all accounts (even the free account).  The Elefante installer is a software platform that enables web site owners to quickly install a variety of programs with a single click of the mouse button.  Over 40 PHP scripts are offered in categories such as wikis, blogs, CMS, e-commerce and more.

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Some of the more popular blog software offerings are Movable Type, WordPress, and b2evolution.  The CMS programs within Elefante are a bit more impressive of a list – Drupal, Mambo, Moodle, Joomla and eight other popular CMS programs are available.  In the category of e-commerce, Elefante offers osCommRes and osCommerce.  All in all, Elefante is a great added feature to all Freehostia accounts.


Freehostia has a customer care department at work 24×7.  All hosting customers (with the exception of those using free hosting) can expect to receive an answer within 1 hour of contacting the support department.  Free hosting customers are not completely disregarded but aren’t given priority – expected support answer waiting time is 6 hours.

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The hosting company offers video tutorials, FAQs, a knowledge base and a ticketing system for support as well.  The online contact form is easily found within Freehostia’s support area.  While not the most expansive of support areas, Freehostia offers a good solid range of options when one is in need of assistance.


With most free hosting accounts offered by web hosting businesses requiring that advertising be present on all web pages, it’s nice to find a company that not only offers ad-free accounts for no charge but also gives free hosting clients the standard features one would expect from a paid service.  Add in the ability to upgrade to accounts that are very economical, Freehostia is a web hosting service worth checking out.


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