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Closer Look at the FreeHostia Control Panel

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Some web hosting providers choose to use commercial control panels such as cPanel and Plesk, while others elect to build their own custom software in-house. FreeHostia is a hosting provider that takes the latter route, utilizing its own solution for managing servers and websites. This software is similar to popular control panels such as cPanel in many ways. The major difference is that the FreeHostia panel offers end-customers a billing system, advanced domain management tools and other key features other panels are lacking. Here is a brief overview on FreeHostia’s hosting automation software.

Advanced Domain Management

The FreeHostia control panel allows you to create subdomains, register and transfer domains, change your nameservers, DNS records and much more. These are features normally provided by a conventional domain name register but FreeHostia makes it so you can do it all from your web hosting control panel.

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Extensive Website Management

Similar to cPanel, the FreeHostia control panel comes with a web-based file managed integrated within the software. It also supports a number of FTP clients and lets you easily set up FTP accounts for your users. The unique aspect of this panel is that it provides a facility that allows you to install SSL certificates onto your domain.

Website Tools

FreeHostia has bundled a nice variety of tools in its control panel. One of the most notable is the Efefante Installer utility, which is similar to Fantastico in cPanel. This tool allows you to add programs such as forums, photo galleries, blogs and content management systems onto your account with a few easy clicks. Elefante is also integrated with a suite of marketing tools that can be used to enhance the popularity of your site and attract more visitors.

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Web Analytic Tools

Once traffic starts rolling in, you can analyze those statics and the performance of your site by viewing detailed reports on your visitors. Learn where they are coming from, what keywords they used find you, and make improvements where needed.

Built-in Support Ticket System

The FreeHostia customer support staff can be reached quickly right from your control panel. Simply visit the Open New Ticket section, fill in the form, submit it and wait for a reply. You can also track the status of all open tickets and review prior inquires as well.


The FreeHostia website management software is more than your average control panel. While it offers many of the same features and capabilities you will find in other applications, it also has some unique qualities you don’t see all that often. For example, it is one of few control panels that allows you to upgrade your web hosting package directly through the interface. Once the addition has been paid for, the entire upgrade process is fully automated and done in a matter of minutes. Throw in the billing system and all the advanced management tools and it becomes clearer to see why FreeHostia is the home of thousands of happy customers.



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