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Plesk: The Most Diverse Control Panel

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Plesk is one of the most widely used control panels currently available, and along with cPanel is a contender for the best control panel on the market. As Plesk also provides cost efficiency benefits to hosting providers, it is being offered increasingly as a default control panel solution by many web hosting services.  Unlike it’s top competitor cPanel, Plesk is completely compatible with both the Windows and Linux operating systems, broadening the spectrum of what control panels are capable of in terms of compatibility.  Aside from being compatible with the two major operating systems, Plesk is also suitable for virtually any type of server environment, including dedicated, shared and virtual private hosting services.

Plesk and Shared Hosting

Due to it’s multi-level user interface, Plesk is a suitable administrative tool for shared hosting users.   Plesk simplifies the task of managing multiple domains through a fully customizable interface specially designed for detailed hosting tasks. Even novice users with no technical training have the ability to  manage and create user accounts on their server.  Plesk also allows webmasters to manage their  domains without needing the support of a server administrator, ultimately saving support costs for the web hosting provider. Plesk’s simplicity and power offers benefits to both the end user and the web hosting provider, providing administrative tools for small and complex tasks alike.

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Plesk and VPS Hosting

Plesk is also being used increasingly in the virtual private server environment, due to it’s compact size combined with it’s comprehensive functionality and efficacy. One of the most beneficial features of Plesk for the virtual server user is that it can be used with a third-party software called Virtuozzo.  Virtuozzo lets administrators make use of the templates and interfaces of several control panel’s simultaneously, giving Plesk users the ability to benefit from other control panel features outside of the Plesk software. This software combination is a priceless advantage on a virtual platform such as VPS. Using Plesk with Virtuozzo has been proven to increase the investment returns of web hosting service providers while also accommodating the needs of the end user.

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Plesk and Dedicated Hosting

Plesk’s modular design and RPM installation gives dedicated hosting providers the ability to offer an effective administrative tool to the more technical savvy group as well. Plesk is also a very expandable software that can be modified using various third-party applications, making it perfect for users with plenty of dedicated server space and innovation. Webmasters have access to a particularly interesting  feature known as XML-API, an integrated interface that fully automates the overseeing process, while also facilitating the use of the various third-party applications. Integrated software development kits such as XML-API and other back-end utilities gives end-users and hosting providers the ability to  enhance their products and services using Plesk.

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Whether you have a dedicated or shared server, Plesk offers advantageous features that can greatly increase the productivity of your online business. The compatibility of Plesk with multiple operating systems and server environments has made it a top contender for the best control panel available.


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