Clickjacking: What is it and How You Can Protect Yourself?

Lately, there has been a lot on the news about this type of computer attack called “click-jacking” where, through the use of web pages, hackers are cheating people out of millions of dollars by setting them up with fraudulent purchases as well as data mining their personal information, such as credit card numbers. Unfortunately, this […]

Editing DNS Information in cPanel

cPanel boasts one of the easiest to use interfaces in the web hosting industry. This is one of the main reasons for its continued popularity. Therefore, it is simple to edit DNS zones without the hassle normally associated with manually editing the files. Manual editing is typically prevalent with other web hosting control panels. However, […]

Are you Ready to Move to Multiple Domain Hosting?

If you are a webmaster, you must be aware of shared hosting plans which are the least expensive method of hosting your site. Web hosting providers offer this service because you are only using a small amount of disc space and bandwidth shared with others. One issue with shared hosting is they typically only allow […]

Hybrid Servers: Helping the Environment One Byte at a Time

Internet solutions provider, Future Hosting, recently announced the addition of hybrid servers to the Washington, D.C. and Chicago areas in an attempt to further expand the company’s global environmental footprint. Future Hosting provides online solutions to international enterprise systems. They have also developed the Future Engineer product. Hybrid Servers A hybrid server is a high-end […]

Closer Look at the FreeHostia Control Panel

Some web hosting providers choose to use commercial control panels such as cPanel and Plesk, while others elect to build their own custom software in-house. FreeHostia is a hosting provider that takes the latter route, utilizing its own solution for managing servers and websites. This software is similar to popular control panels such as cPanel […]

How to Select the Approprite Load Balancing Technology

Load balancing is a hot topic in the web hosting industry as the technology is being increasingly used in server farms and shared hosting environments.  Its purpose is to fine tune computer systems and networks in a manner that better evenly distributes data and processing across available resources to prevent a single device from being […]