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Hybrid Servers: Helping the Environment One Byte at a Time

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Internet solutions provider, Future Hosting, recently announced the addition of hybrid servers to the Washington, D.C. and Chicago areas in an attempt to further expand the company’s global environmental footprint. Future Hosting provides online solutions to international enterprise systems. They have also developed the Future Engineer product.

Hybrid Servers

A hybrid server is a high-end VPS found on other hybrid servers. The difference is the share of the CPU given to the customer is much higher resulting in maximum speed and performance.  Hybrid servers offer many advantages including reliability, flexibility, performance, ease of use and constant upgrades.

The Goods

The new hybrid servers are top-of-the-line virtual private servers that offer high availability, first-rate bandwidth, access to the best control panels available (cPanel or Plesk) and come with full management abilities. These servers provide one CPU per server accompanied with high-quality RAM, network connections and a large amount of storage space.

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The servers are automatically backed up by Future Protect, a company-owned data protection program. The initial hosting plans include 80GB of storage, 2GB of RAM and 2,000GB of bandwidth. The company guarantees their uptime at 99.9%.

Future Hosting’s Goal

Their goal is to provide solutions for clients globally. Over the past two years, the company has quadrupled their international authority by offering high quality solutions across the world. Adding hybrid servers to two international cities boosts their geographic diversity to expand in the future.

Future Engineer

Future Hosting developed Future Engineer which is an automated technical support system created to repair tasks on virtual private servers as well as computerize server configurations.  This will help to decrease the amount of time it takes for systematic configurations and give clients a higher level of support. Since technicians will no longer be spending their time completing basic tasks, they can focus on larger, more complication problems.

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DNS System

As recently as June, Future Hosting launched a DNS management addition to their Future Hosting Management Portal (FHMP). This gives dedicated server customers control and customization over their server from a remote location. In the future, FHMP will also incorporate the newly installed hybrids to give clients the ultimate control.

As Future Hosting expands, they continue to connect the world by providing international internet solutions. With additional hybrid servers available in London and Dallas, they are slowly growing so all areas of the world are covered.


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