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Managed Web Hosting for Serious Online Businesses

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The success of your online business is directly derived from the amount of time, money, and hard work you pour into it. If you already own an offline business then you are certainly familiar with this concept. It is not foolish to want the best for your website, as this will be your virtual home, and a digital representation of your business. Price should not be an issue when constructing an online empire, as it is important to remember that quality produces success in any venue. However, the main problem people have with web hosting is that the best plans seem to require the most knowledge to operate. For example, dedicated hosting gives you access to a private server with an immense amount of resources at your disposal. However, an unmanaged dedicated hosting plan would be quite useless to most online business owners. The solution to this problem is managed dedicated hosting.

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What is Managed Dedicated Hosting?

Having a dedicated web server is almost pointless if you don’t have the ability to use it to its full potential. Web servers require frequent maintenance in order to perform optimally, and unless you have the ability to perform such maintenance yourself you’ll be paying for a hosting plan that is of very little use to you. Managed dedicated hosting offers you complete technical assistance, which means your hosting provider will handle the server administration tasks for you, allowing you to focus on the more serious tasks.

Fully Managed Vs. Partially Managed

Before you rush into purchasing a managed web hosting plan, it is important that you realize the various types of managed hosting. Some web hosting providers advertise managed hosting plans, however many of these plans still require a great deal of maintenance. What some hosting companies consider fully managed may be partially managed in the eyes of other companies. A good rule of thumb is – the cheaper the plan, the less technical support and server administration assistance you’ll receive. If you want an automated server solution then your best bet would be to find a reputable hosting company and purchase their most expensive managed dedicated hosting plan.

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The Boundaries of a Managed Hosting Plan

Although you should feel entitled to quality support and superior server administration, there are some tasks that your hosting company is simply not responsible for. It can be easy to blur the line between web hosting and other internet-based industries such as web design and programming. Many people get upset when they find out their web hosting company cannot help them with a certain problem.  It can be extremely frustrating to find out that you’re paying for a top notch hosting plan and there is simply no department dedicated to helping you with your problem. To prevent this disappointment you need to understand the boundaries of your managed hosting plan before you purchase one. It may help to speak with a customer service representative to find out which parts of your online business are dealt with within your hosting plan.


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