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With the advent of the Web 2.0, the online marketplace has become a highly competitive advanced industry. The days of simple websites that bring money in with very little effort are gone. Instead, with the various types of web applications available, the online business world has been transformed into a massive collection of visually aesthetic […]

How to Bring Your Site Online? A Guide for the Small Businesses

The importance of your business’s web site is not a point to discuss. But on the other hand some common mistakes and pitfalls can easily make this essential element of your business work against you. There are two ways that you can get your company website online: you can either go for cloud-ready packages from […]

Budget Web Hosting: Is It Worth the Buck?

Web Hosting

Today there are plenty of companies offering budget web hosting. These are the ones whose rates usually don’t go beyond $6, making them super-affordable especially by small and home-based business owners. The price also makes them extremely attractive too for any Internet user to start his or her own online business. But then again, no […]

Web Hosting For Online Businesses – Dedicated vs. eCommerce

Establishing and operating an online business requires knowledge, skill and perseverance. However, even with the right mindset and skill set it is impossible to succeed without tools and resources. In order to ensure the optimal functionality of your website you’ll need access to a powerful web server that can transfer data to hundreds of computers […]

Shared Hosting – How Much Can You Afford to Share?

Your website is the focal point of your online business, as it represents your online identity and reputation on a continual basis. The performance, appearance and presence of your site directly affect the way your visitors perceive the professionalism of your online business. Every site operates on a web server, and this server ultimately dictates […]