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VPS Hosting for Multiple Domain Hosting

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Owning multiple web sites is the best way to capitalize on the infinite amount of benefits the Internet has to offer your business. In fact, the most successful online business owners have multiple web sites that diversify their income stream and take some of the anticipation out of managing and relying upon a single site. Unfortunately, a lot of web hosting accounts are not suitable for hosting multiple domains, as the server resources are generally limited by the restrictions that are enabled by the hosting provider.

Some hosting types are more suitable for multiple domain hosting, and one of the best choices for any webmaster that wishes to diversify their web presence is VPS (Virtual private Server) hosting. The following information outlines some of the main reasons why VPS hosting is perfect for multiple domain hosting.

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Unlimited Expandability

Predicting the fate and server needs of a single web site can be difficult, and trying to do this with multiple sites that are constantly expanding is even more difficult, if not impossible. Sadly, most hosting companies and hosting types do not allow for simple expansion without an actual hosting upgrade. VPS hosting differs because the plan can be expanded on the spur of the moment without the need for an additional investment, or any kind of foresight on behalf of the webmaster. Cloud VPS hosting is particularly suitable for an ever expanding online business because it can be expanded instantly due to the unlimited nature of the cloud server environment.

Software Compatibility

A lot of hosting plans do not let you install new software on the web server, especially shared hosting plans. Fortunately, having a VPS hosting plan is like having access to a private web server that you’re free to experiment with and install as much software as you’d like on. This can be particularly beneficial when managing multiple sites in separate niches, as each site may need a different software that specializes in the administration of a specific type of web site. For example, if you own a forum, you may want to install a robust forum management software, however you may also need an eCommerce solution for one of your retail sites. VPS hosting combines the best of shared hosting (cost) and dedicated hosting (freedom) to bring you the perfect multiple domain hosting solution.

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Cost and Support

Owning multiple domains is hard enough without the stress of paying multiple hosting bills each month. By centralizing your hosting expenses with a comprehensive VPS plan, you can not only provide better support for your web sites through enhanced organization, you can also eliminate much of the cost associated with owning and operating more than one site. A good VPS hosting plan starts at about $20 per month, which is a deal considering all of the aforementioned advantages of VPS hosting for multiple domains.

Aside from saving time and money, you’ll also have a more reliable hosting plan because VPS hosting operates in a secure hosting environment that is based on redundancy and diversification of server loads. This means you’ll never have to worry about your web server crashing or any of your sites being taken offline.


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