Christmas Web: Will Cyber Monday Break the Internet in 2015?

While Thanksgiving remains a solely American holiday, businesses around the globe have for decades looked to the day after Turkey Day as the official start of the holiday shopping season. As crazed shoppers descend on stores the world over in search of the season’s newest and trendiest products being offered at insane holiday discounts, retail […]

Perfect Marketing: Why You Have to Think Like a Customer

It seems simple. If you’re selling a product or service, you need to understand the consumer, especially your loyal customers and give them exactly what they want. Surprisingly, there are those who decide what it is and how they will sell it and expect consumers to meet those sales standards, whether the consumer has their […]

Shopping Cart Essentials


With the advent of the Web 2.0, the online marketplace has become a highly competitive advanced industry. The days of simple websites that bring money in with very little effort are gone. Instead, with the various types of web applications available, the online business world has been transformed into a massive collection of visually aesthetic […]

Mobile Sites and SMS Marketing: Are You Ready?

Ninety-eight percent of cell phone owners have their devices within reach one hundred percent of the time. The other two percent are my kids who always misplace them. Smartphones contain everything a laptop or desktop computer has and fits in your pocket or handbag (or MAN-bag, if you prefer). An odd fact is that your […]

Linux and E-Commerce: The Top 5 Best Hosts for Two Long-term Trends

Let’s mix up two of the biggest of web hosting trends for this Top 5.  Linux is quickly becoming the operating system of choice for many webmasters.  It goes without saying that where there’s web hosting, there is a need for E-Commerce.  Given the enhanced reliability and added security that comes from a Linux server, […]

Ecommerce: Trends and Benefits


The term ecommerce is as much in vogue as apples and cats! This is to say that, since the advent of the internet, ecommerce solutions for web business have become a staple aspect of technology. Read on to understand the present trends and scope of the ecommerce market as well as take a brief look […]