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Shared Hosting Complaints: Compiled and Counted

Over the last month or so we have been meticulously counting up all the little complaints and problems you, our readers, have been experiencing with some of the largest names in the business. We’ve exposed everyone from iPage to JustHost, from HostGator to HostMonster, from WebHostingPad to WebHostingHub. During all of this, however, we’ve also […]

Change How You Think About the Level 1 Support: No Down Payment, Immediate Returns

Everything is changing and so is the IT department. Not only the focus, but also the users. Add the constant pressure of doing more with less and understaffing (about half) you probably end up with burned out Level 1 support employees. Under these conditions, it does not make sense to insist on the traditional Level […]

Battle of the Giants: Linux and Windows Compared

In the world of superior web hosting, there’s really only two main competitors as far as your operating system goes—unless you’re willing to be some kind of mad scientist, that is. Essentially, every webmaster must face the same battle during the earliest span of their career, staring at that blank server box while wondering, “Should […]

Common Web Hosting Terms And What They Mean

If you’re new to the world of web hosting, you may find yourself swamped with endless lists of terminology that sound like Greek to your fresh ears. Website hosting, like any other tech industry, comes with its own unique retinue of words, many of which aren’t necessarily self-explanatory. However, that doesn’t mean most of them […]

How to Get Cheap Web Hosting that Doesn’t Remind you It’s Cheap

Web hosting in our economy must acknowledge that it is a buyer’s market. Even if you are restricting your options to inexpensive web hosting, say, under $12 per month, you have more potential candidate companies than you can list. Thus, you know that you can get it cheap, but ensure that you also get it […]

Protecting your Data when Web Hosting Services Disappear

As a society we increasingly rely on web hosting services to protect our data and provide it when we need it. We always assume the data will upload to an account, blog service or web page. That is because we always accept that the services will be available tomorrow. However, over the past several years […]

New Customer Support Options at HostingZoom

Web hosting provider, HostingZoom, recently launched around the clock phone, ticket, live chat and email customer support. HostingZoom offers a variety of web hosting services including cPanel clustered failover, VPS, reseller and dedicated server hosting. Customers will now have instant access to knowledgeable training sales and technical support staff anytime of the day to ensure […]

What Does Web Hosting Support Entail

The web hosting industry is extremely broad and diverse, so it can be somewhat difficult to properly define the boundaries of what is provided within hosting support. Web hosting encompasses and incorporates nearly every aspect of Internet technology into a single solution, so understanding related concepts is very important when requesting assistance from your host’s […]

Web Hosting Guide

Looking for and buying a reliable web hosting solution is an imperative decision. Whether you are doing online business, providing important information or sharing views online on a common interest, you need a reliable web hosting service that will allow online visitors to browse through your site effortlessly. It is only powerful web hosting that […]

Cancel the Phone – It May be Time to Move Customer Support to Chat

If you are an online business owner you’ve, no doubt, jumped into the world of ecommerce.  Ecommerce has sparked such a revolution that four out of five businesses have online stores. The idea is that the product and the store are available all the time, unlike a traditional brick and mortar store. But how does […]

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