Can You Handle a Dedicated Server?

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Can You Handle a Dedicated Server?

There are many advantages to purchasing a dedicated hosting plan.  This arrangement is perfect for customers who require a higher degree of flexibility, security, reliability and a website that gives out an enterprise-grade performance.  Although you are actually leasing the hardware from the hosting company, you are still provided with a great deal of flexibility and control that allows you to customize the server based on your specific needs.  So even though you do not really own the server, this can actually turn out to be a good thing, especially if your organization does not have the manpower to handle the various maintenance tasks that must be performed on a day to day basis.

The Experience Factor

While some customers have the experience needed to maintain a dedicated server, others do not.  If you have a capable in-house team, you should be able to thrive just fine in this more complex environment.  For the more technically inclined user, managing an entire web server is usually no problem at all.  For those that have no experience or knowledgeable administrator, a managed solution may be the best option for their dedicated server.  With a managed service, the hosting provider handles the bulk of the maintenance and is often responsible for making sure the server stays up and running.  This generally includes taking care of the operating system, web server, applications and the hardware itself.  While an unmanaged server is usually the cheaper route, managed hosting is often the best way to go if you lack the knowledge and experience needed to maintain the system.

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Is it the Right Move for You?

Whether or not you have the resources needed to manage a dedicated server is a critical factor to determining if this type of hosting is right for you.  If you are have the budget to take on the cost associated with leasing the hardware and feel that the hosting firm can provide you with an acceptable level of support, this could be the best move.  Regardless of where you stand in terms of experience, it is critical to first determine whether your website or business demands the power of a dedicated server.  If not, you could taking on an unnecessary expense and complexity that makes it more difficult for you to succeed.  As long as you warrant the need, a dedicated server can be a viable option whether you possess the technical abilities or not.  With the market for managed hosting services growing rapidly, you do not have to let the lack of experience deter your plans because solutions are widely available.

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In today’s internet driven world, the website often reflects on the credibility of the company behind it.  A dedicated server can help you a establish and maintain a credible online presence while providing your business with the best possible chance to succeed.  If you are not sure of how to proceed, reach out to a few service providers for a little guidance.  This way, you can gather the information you need and perhaps find yourself a good partner in the process.

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One thought on “Can You Handle a Dedicated Server?

  1. It takes a brave person to move to a dedicated server and manage it themselves. I do see managed services growing significantly in our future.