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Variations of Web Hosting and its Benefits

Web hosting is all about making a web page available through the World Wide Web, with an internet connection, for anyone across the world to access. As it is become a necessary need in today’s world, these services are offered for free under many circumstances.

Difference between Shared and Dedicated Servers

If you have a medium sized business, choosing between a shared and dedicated web hosting plan can be a big challenge. Things can become confusing because you will have to decide between your current and future need. In an age where every web hosting provider claims “unlimited everything”, it can become even more perplexing to […]

The Truth About Managed Web Hosting

We troll the same Internet sites you do, and trust us, we know what’s out there: If you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of myths circulating about managed server hosting. Though the style of hosting isn’t perfect, it certainly deserves a better rap than it’s earning. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a brief […]

Comparison of Popular Web Hosting Methods

In the world of web hosting, there are literally more options than one could shake a stick at—assuming it’s an extremely broad stick, and one with a full three-hundred and sixty degree turning radius, that is. If our metaphor is too vague, what we’re getting at here is that one can literally find hundreds (likely […]

Tips for Improving Performance of Your Windows Server 2008 Dedicated Machine

It’s common in the web hosting world to compare the relative benefits of operating systems.  This masks an important fact, though: in all cases, they are what you make of them.  While there are naturally limits to this (no one is running Commodore 64 web hosting), the little improvements you can make to a machine […]

How to Install ModSecurity in CentOS

If you’re the proud owner of a dedicated server running CentOS (Seems like most people are favoring the Linux distro these days!) then you owe it to yourself to install a simple utility called ModSecurity. The service is an application firewall that prevents your server from weakness open to exploit in various web applications. It’s […]

Solid State Drive (SSD): A Solid Solution To Your Speed Problems

If you’re concerned about your dedicated server’s speed performance, and have exhausted all other avenues of improvement, then maybe it’s about time you pursued a Solid State Drive (or SSD) for your server. It’s an expensive method, but it will get the job done, to be sure. In case you need a bit more convincing—We […]

What To Remember When Moving To A New Control Panel

Very rarely will you have to move your website to a new control panel interface, especially if you’re using shared hosting. Most web hosting providers will not give you the choice of several different offerings, or even the option to migrate to a new base. However, if you’re using VPS or dedicated hosting, you may […]

Dedicated Server Hosting: How to Tell if Your Getting What You Paid For

You’ve shelled out the expenses for a reliable dedicated server for your business. It’s all said and done, and the funds are out of your account. Not only that, but now you’ve got access to the hardware, and have starting uploading your site files. However, how do you really know for sure if you got […]

Dedicated Hosting: Managed or Unmanaged?

Here’s the conundrum: You’ve shelled out the extra money for the dedicated server, opening up worlds of business potential and enough bandwidth, storage space, and domain names to rapidly expand. However, just as you’re finalizing your hosting options, there’s one remaining problem to be sorted: Do you stick to managed or unmanaged dedicated server hosting? […]

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