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Understanding Colocation Hosting

Colocation hosting is a form of web hosting service with some unique features that differentiate it from the standard services found within a large variety of web hosting plans. Generally,…

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Five Reasons to Choose VPS

Virtual private servers (VPS), or virtual dedicated servers, offer users many advantages when compared to other web hosting platforms when launching and maintaining a functional website.  The benefits of a…

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What Does a Managed Web Hosting Provider Do?

If you’ve been shopping for a web hosting plan recently, you’ve probably read that plans that utilize dedicated servers are the most powerful and robust on the market. While this…

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Different Types of Web Hosting

With the way the whole world has gone internet inclined these days, people now realize having a web presence is a necessity and not a luxury. Having a website is…

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Dedicated IP Web Hosting

There is a kind of web hosting available that is called dedicated IP web hosting. This is also sometimes called static web hosting. This type of hosting provides a unique…

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Dedicated Servers for Ecommerce Websites

If you are currently engaged in any facet of ecommerce, even service sectors, a website makes up a great deal of your business. Therefore, it is a safe assumption that…

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The Unique Uses of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is one of the most expensive high-performance hosting types you can purchase, and has a reputation for being an ideal solution for small and large online businesses alike….