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Critical Factors for Choosing a Web Host

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Today’s global economy demands a web presence in order to be considered a formidable competitor.  For small and mid-size companies, navigating web hosting services is often a daunting task, occasionally frustrating.   Due in large part to the numerous web host servers readily available to fit your new business needs and budget.

There are several things you should take into consideration when selecting a web hosting service for your new online business including:  customer service, price, domain names, and upgrade options.

Efficient Customer Service

Before closing a deal, you should always know your business partner. Whether attempting to contact the interested web host service company via phone, e-mail or learn more about the services each offers reading website information and client testimonials, gauging customer service is an essential component when making a final decision.  Thriving business owners realize their key to successfully acquiring and retaining customers is excellent customer service; web hosting services are not immune from the same curiosity.

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A respected web host service representative should return messages within 24 hours, answer questions honestly and value your time as a potential client – if not then move on to your next option.  If the web host service doesn’t respond in a timely manner, then chances aren’t any better in troubleshooting assistance.

Affordable Pricing

Pricing is another significant aspect to consider when opting for a web host package.  Many new online businesses get into financial trouble when purchasing a web host because either they aim too high or too low.  Quality service should never be compromised, but neither should it be ridiculously priced.  If you’re a small business owner, then you won’t need all of the bells and whistles as those of larger websites.   Although starting a website, estimating visitors and bandwidth usage is difficult, consider your current client base.

Free web hosting is tempting for many new online entrepreneurs; however, it’s not always the best option even though being affordable.   A free web host typically requires your website to display ads of various products and services.   Visitors quickly equate the pop-up ads as annoying and quickly exit left to your nearest competitor’s website.   Summary:  avoid free web hosting unless you’re testing a specific market or sharpening your web design skills.

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Dependable Domain Names

It’s equally important to spend some serious thought and effort into a domain name for your online business.   A good web hosting provider will offer you at least one free domain name per hosting account. Of course, receiving the free domain is the easy part. Chances are the first name you choose will already be taken, so consider several different options.   A legit domain name should be easy to remember, spelled correctly, and relate to your business.   If you opt to use a free web hosting service, be aware that typically your online address requires you to include part of the web host’s address to your domain name.

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Despite being affordable, the convoluted web domain name confuses existing customers searching for information online and detracts potential new sale leads.   A lengthy web address also wrecks havoc on SEO rankings.  When picking a profitable domain name, paying for the convenience of owning a personalized address is a worth-well investment.

Available Upgrade Options

Finally, before settling on a web host, be familiar with the available upgrade options.  Initially, your online business endeavors shouldn’t require a fully-loaded web hosting package, however, as your business grows, so will your need to accommodate web visitors.   The most common reason small business owners find for upgrading websites is due to an increase in web traffic to your website, which means the demand for more bandwidth.  A couple of advanced upgrade options preferred by larger online businesses include Managed Hosting and Unlimited Managed Hosting packages.  Upgrade options depend greatly on individual needs and available budgets.


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