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Free Web Hosting Limits

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If you are thinking about saving on web hosting costs then you should consider free web hosting services that don’t cost a penny and which, though they have not very great functionality, still allows you to have a presence on the Web. In addition, it is usual to get a sub-domain or even a directory to your name and it is often the case that free web hosting services will also allow you to use domains that you have purchased separately. However, before choosing a free web hosting service, you need to know about the top web hosting services and make sure that you are aware of the limitations to choosing the best web hosting service. So, before reading up on web hosting reviews look at what the limitations to using free web hosting services are and then make your choice.

Some of the limitations to using free web hosting services include limits on the size of the hosted file, tinier bandwidth each month, does not allow hot linking to files and it may not have the facility of certain files such as MP3, MPEG and ZIP files. In addition, with free web hosting services, you may have no alternative but to place the Webhost Banner or even Popup advertisements into each of your web pages, and worst of all, there is no guarantee of how much uptime you are going to get. Nevertheless, the free web hosting service could provide some extras such as control panel that is web based, transfer of files using FTP and use of scripting languages and even relational databases as also guestbook.

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There are some methods used of giving out free web hosting that includes instant activation, approved activation, and post for hosting as well as forum hosting. In the case of instant activation, you will generally be given very small storage space and there is very little bandwidth allowance as well plus you have to put up with many other limitations as well. And, you will also be at risk of being spammed.

In case you go for approved activation you will get plenty of space as well as good bandwidth though there will be few features and such approved applications are generally needing approval of administrators who are employed by the free web hosting service and who need to validate your application depending on the information that you have supplied, which is really meant to help avoid spamming from occurring and also discouraging your website from becoming a phishing website.

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It is also usual for some free web hosting services to require that you post on a forum and free hosting that is forum-based will require that you contribute a number of posts before you are given free hosting with them. Such forum based free hosting usually runs on the basis of points for each post which can be used in order to get a free hosting account.

Another thing that free web hosting services discourage is use of their service for file or image to be hosted and you will not also get a web page because that is where they put out their own advertisements. Also, in case your files exceeds a certain limit, the free web hosting service may not allow it though you can avail of some file hosting service for free that do permit extra large files and also hot linking.


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  • Avatar Salem says:

    Web Hosting are nightmare for me …
    In my country I don’t have any chance to pay for hosting
    specially after our government(in Libya) stopped money transferee to out side world ……
    I was looking for web hosting to test my designs to show theme to clients .
    And all free web hosting have many stupid limited rules Like disabling Mail() Function .. and memory usage limited etc .

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