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An Internet marketing enthusiast with a knack for cutting-edge strategies and trends.

Targeting Local Business with Reseller Hosting

Local businesses are migrating to a global marketplace causing internet’s growth. Businesses everywhere have recognized the colossal opportunity that the internet represents, both financially and socially.

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Starting Your Own Business Through Reseller Hosting

With the U.S. economy suffering like never before, more consumers are unemployed, thus more people are looking for ways to generate money online.  Fortunately, the internet offers endless opportunities for…

Shared Hosting and Site Downtime

Shared Hosting and Site Downtime

If you’ve signed up for a shared hosting account for your website, there is a chance it could experience downtime from time to time. Despite a 99.9% uptime guarantee most…


Shared Web Hosting vs. Free Web Hosting

If you are thinking of putting your website online, you don’t have to work very hard. All you have to do is choose and purchase a domain name, host your…