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Starting Your Own Business Through Reseller Hosting

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With the U.S. economy suffering like never before, more consumers are unemployed, thus more people are looking for ways to generate money online.  Fortunately, the internet offers endless opportunities for those looking to bring in a few extra books.

Many have been successful with affiliate marketing while several more have learned to master advertising programs like Google AdSense. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to start an online business is a unique type of hosting known as reseller hosting.

Reseller Hosting Defined

Reseller web hosting is a type of web hosting that allows you to purchase server space, bandwidth and other features from a legitimate hosting provider, and then sell hosting packages to customers of your own.  As a reseller, you get special software for creating hosting plans while your customers get a control panel application to manage their own hosting environment.  Though more expensive than traditional shared hosting, the resources and services you get in return usually result in excellent value for your money.

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Benefits of Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting offers a number of benefits to the ambitious entrepreneur. The greatest benefit is perhaps cost efficiency that allows you to purchase bandwidth and disk storage in small allotments. This way, you are not wasting precious resources and most importantly, money. With such a minimal investment requirement, you can eventually work your way up to a dedicated server or at least yield small profits instead of incurring substantial losses every month. This factor alone makes reseller hosting a great business to get into.

Another benefit of reseller hosting is having the full support of a professional web host. As we all know, things do happen and most of it will relate to technical jargon you won’t have a clue about. The hard drive on a server may fail, an OS kernel might get corrupted, there could be an outage in the data center – anything could happen. The good news for you is that the web hosting provider is responsible for such issues. When signing on for a reliable service, you can focus on selling more packages and appeasing your customers instead of worrying about the technical aspects.

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Finding a Reliable Partner

A reseller account should be treated like a real business and therefore, you need to be very selective when it comes to choosing a service. Most providers will only allow you to host a certain amount of domains and may also limit features such as email accounts, databases, scripting languages, or other important services. Additionally, not every host can be depended on. Your best bet would be to take advantage of the available resources and learn more about what’s out there. This simply means asking friends or using your favorite search engine to find a reliable service.

Many have made a successful venture out of reseller hosting but be warned, it will take dedication and hard work on your part. There are no guarantees so you have to be committed to bringing in customers and providing a level of service that keeps them around.  This is all made easier when choosing the right reseller hosting solution.


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