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An Internet marketing enthusiast from Newport Beach, California. You can find me on <a href="!/rsuog">Twitter</a> or <a rel="me" href="">Google+</a>.
How the Digital Age is Impacting Our Personal Privacy

Online Privacy Explained

Privacy is one of those modern issues that is in fact as old as time. In our guide to How the Digital Age is Impacting Our Personal Privacy, we look…

website speed

What is a CDN & Why You Should Use One

The acronym stands for Content Delivery Network, but CDN is much more than what these three words propose. Sure, it uses networks to quickly deliver your content to visitors and…

web hosting icons

Enhance the Impact with Icons

In this competent world it could be really challenging to meet the demands of everyone. But the good news is that you can fulfil the expectations of maximum possible consumers….

Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

Since the era of the computer came into full effect in the mid to late 20th century, data is often considered to be one of the most important aspects of…

DesignContest – Workflow Innovation

Crowd sourcing. No phrase makes more designers cringe than crowd sourcing, except maybe “angry clients with pitchforks.” For whatever reason, the thought of competing with thousands of other users for…

domain name registration

Top Domain Registration Services

Typically, whether they know it or not, when someone talks about founding a website, they’re usually discussing two different elements. Sure, there’s the actual design of the site, as well…

Top Smart Phones

Top Smartphone Picks in the Coming Year

We know, we know: This a web hosting blog at heart. So why are we talking about smartphones? Because, they’re becoming a more-and-more ever-present form of communication and software development,…

Top 5 Email Clients for Windows

Since the late 20th century, electronic mail has been saving us precious time by shrinking distances and delivering messages in real time. As a consequence, in the present day you…