Online Privacy Explained

How the Digital Age is Impacting Our Personal Privacy

Privacy is one of those modern issues that is in fact as old as time. In our guide to How the Digital Age is Impacting Our Personal Privacy, we look at this age old problem from a new perspective. That is how our online digital personas, our personally identifying information, and our social identity are becoming a free for all. The guide looks into the entire area of online privacy and how it has affected our use of the Internet and ultimately seeped into our real world lives.

Although the concept of privacy is an age old one, digital privacy is a something that is new to the Internet age. How the Digital Age is Impacting Our Personal Privacy looks at ways in which privacy and privacy rights have, and are, developing in a social and legal manner.

Our privacy guide opens with a view of what privacy was, and what it is now. This sets the scene allowing us to develop a mind map of the types of considerations that need to be made when we use digital privacy in a practical way. One of the practicalities of online privacy impacts marketing – the legal requirements of ensuring privacy of collected information being a major issue in an age of increasing threats to our personal data from cybercrime. The concepts of “Opt-in” and “Opt-out” when collecting personal data, especially for storage and marketing reasons, is explored in the guide. This fits in with the subsequent sections looking at the various laws around privacy in certain parts of the world; for example, Europe and the USA, and the sharing of data between geographic jurisdictions.

The guide outlines some of the world’s most infamous privacy violations, to show real world stories of where privacy protection went wrong, in the spirit of learning by example: Violations from companies such as Uber, Verizon, and Facebook.

The guide then uses all of this knowledge to show you how to enhance the privacy of your customers and visitors when designing websites and mobile apps.

It is a comprehensive guide to where we are today in terms of online privacy and digital privacy health. It is a guide that uses real world examples of laws, user expectations, and research, alongside cases where privacy went wrong to show you how to do it right. The final chapter giving practical advice on creating user-centric privacy enhanced user experiences for your web and mobile app users.

What to Expect Inside the Guide:

  • An overview of the current best practices for online privacy
  • A look at various laws that impact how you implement privacy solutions and protect user data
  • Where big companies make mistakes in the area of user privacy and what it has cost them
  • How to apply the current ideas and concepts in best practice for online privacy in your web app and mobile app design, and user experience design

Check it out, we’d love to know your thoughts.

6 comments on “Online Privacy Explained

  • Ryan Smith

    Online Privacy is a total myth, there is no such thing. One way or other your all online activity is being tracked and used to understand the behavior of a particular person. Social Media is both Good as well as bad for the visitors. Social Media is a platform which provides you the opportunity to become and feel like a celebrity.

  • Mike Lee

    Online privacy is indeed important.
    However, since the rise of social media like Facebook, some people seem do not care much about their privacy. They tend to share more about their daily life. There is no wrong with this as long as some very “Private” things are not shared publicly.

  • Diego

    Thanks to this helpful information about digital privacy. I observed that as technology rise, the hackers got the latest trend too. It is important to innovate always with regards to digital security in order to ensure that our private information is being held safe.

  • Judy Wilde

    Wow! This is a great article, I read the guides, and I must say it is very innovative. Online privacy these days is a far cry from what it should be. Even your employers can monitor your private online chats, and other activities, and use it against you by firing you for having private chats on work hours, which is not suppose to be so.

  • Andrea Robinson

    This is an amazing report. It covers everything you need to know about digital privacy, from Facebook, to cell phones, to web searches … there seems to be no end to it!

    But we need to know these things. More than any other time in history, we have convenience at our fingertips, but so do the thieves! And cyber-thieves have it much easier than the thieves of yesteryear.

    Don’t forget that our government spies on us too! They can’t and won’t admit it, but they do.

  • Kay

    Thanks so much for this. Privacy is a huge concern now because of the vast increase in internet use. It is always necessary to take the precautions to protect user data on websites. Many people have so much personal information online and privacy protection is an increasing concern. The guide is very helpful, thank you!

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