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Top Apps for Blackberry Smartphones

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Blackberry smartphones are used by millions of people. Even with the Apple iPhone and all other Android phones being released, there is still a significant number of people who are simply devoted to their Blackberries. For that purpose, we will discuss some of the best apps for you to use with your Blackberry. While the iPhone and Droid phones have hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from, the selection for the Blackberry is definitely not as extensive. However, you will still be able to find some cool apps for your Blackberry phone. Check my list of the top apps below.


facebook appSince Facebook is the number one social networking website, this app is an important feature for a lot of people. Most people love being able to log onto their Facebook page and chat with other people as well as update statuses and upload pictures. With the Facebook for Blackberry app, you can stay in touch from your phone on Facebook. The chat on Facebook, although not as smooth, is still an improvement, especially for Blackberry users who are using this app.

Google Maps

google maps appThe upgraded version of Google Maps for Blackberry has better results than the previous versions. You can filter your searches by using star ratings or distance. You can turn on live traffic and have the GPS lock in quickly. The GPS can get you where you need to go instead of you having to worry about getting lost along the way.

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shazam appThe Shazam for Blackberry app allows you to use your Blackberry as a recorder. If you hold your Blackberry around a song that is playing on the radio, this app will recognize who is singing the song and what the song is called. After recognizing the song and the singer, it will allow you to buy the track as an mp3 and will even look up the music album that it’s on. It will also post YouTube videos of the song that you like as well.


twitter appMost people own a Twitter account as a means of networking with other people. This updated Twitter for Blackberry app shows off a lighter color scheme. It also supports some of the most common growing trends along with support for 0S 6 and a profile icon which features a lighter color scheme too. This version of Twitter also performs much faster than the previous versions that came before it.

App Mobile World Edition

appmobile worldAP Mobile is an award-winning mobile news application. You can find informative news articles about things that are going on locally as well as nationally and worldwide. It provides news on spur of the moment so that you will never have to wait for a certain time of the day, like you would have to for the news broadcasts on the television. You can even send these news articles to other people from your Facebook account. It is quite a cool app, especially for those who like knowing what is going on in their area as well as around the world.

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flashlight appFlashlight app provides a bright flashlight that uses the camera as an LED flashlight. This helps the LCD display which is great because it conserves battery power and memory usage. Most importantly, this app is 100% free and it will not cost you a single penny to use! You definitely cannot beat a free app that can be useful to you.

Amazon Kindle

kindle appYou can even read books on your phone thanks to this awesome app. The only downside to this app is that you cannot read newspapers or magazines with it. However, anyone who enjoys reading a good book and is a fan of their Blackberry and/or Kindle, will thoroughly enjoy the convenience of such an app.

Slacker Radio

slacker radio appThis app allows you to listen to music offline and saves the battery life  on your phone as well. You can get very well-programmed and customized stations which is definitely a convenient function for all Blackberry users. You can create your own customized stations that are ideal for your listening tastes.

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weatherbug appThis app is a necessity. It not only lets you see what the weather is, you will also be able to see the live updates for the weather and view touch maps so that you can easily see what the weather is like in other areas aside from the area in which you are in. This app will allow you to keep a heads up on the weather and know what to expect in terms of temperature.


Blackberry did not always have easy and convenient apps at your disposal. However, many improvements are being made to the phone as well as the apps so that Blackberry users can enjoy a lot of entertaining and informative apps.

These apps are just some of the many apps that Blackberry users have to choose from. These apps will allow you to keep in touch with friends, update statuses, find directions, know what the weather is, and read articles about what is going on in the world. All of these apps enhance the functionality and pleasure of using your smart phone.


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