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Arm Yourself with the Top 5 Android Apps

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If you own an android phone, you probably know how hard it is to choose just a few apps. The android apps are what make your phone even more interesting than it already is. People love apps because they are able to customize their phone with things that they actually like instead of having a phone full of apps that do not interest them. With an android phone, you can choose only the best apps that you want for your phone and avoid apps that do not interest you at all.

When searching for apps, you will notice that the number of apps available to you is so tremendous, it can be extremely time consuming to just browse through all of the apps that are offered. You will even find that there are over 50,000 different apps to choose from, some of these apps are completely free and some of these apps will cost you a bit of money.

Of the thousands of apps that you will have to choose from, there are certain apps that just stick out from all the rest because of what they have to offer. While each app is good in its own way, some of the apps that you can use on your android phone are just better than other apps. Below is just a short list of the top five apps for the android phone.

Google Sky Map.


This is one of the coolest apps for Android especially if you are a fan of star gazing. On a nice relaxing night, when the sky is full of stars, you can stand or sit outside and simply point your phone up toward the sky. Google Sky Map will be able to tell you all about each and every celestial that you see in the sky. This is not just cool; it is also educational for people of all ages! If you love learning about new things and enjoy looking at the stars anyway, this is the perfect app for your android phone.

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Google Translate.


There is an obvious reason why this is a top choice for apps on the android phone. Google translate is a necessity in society today. Google translate will enable you to translate just about any conversation that needs translation. This is definitely important, especially if you find yourself having a conversation with someone who does not speak your primary language. You will also be able to translate your own text into the language of choice so that you can hold a decent conversation in another language.

Beautiful Widgets.


A lot of android users love this app and it is definitely an app that you will want to give a try especially if you are a fan of customizing the look of your cell phone screen. This app will allow you to choose what types of features you want to be displayed on the screen of your android phone. You can choose to add all sorts of useful information to the screen of your phone which would include your battery life, a clock, and other cool and customizable features that you will love.

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Tiny Flashlight + LED.


This app can come in handy for all types of situations and is definitely a necessity. If you do not have it on your android phone yet, you should add it as soon as possible. This is, by far, one of the neatest apps you can find for the android. What this app does is, it will turn your phone into a flashlight! This is perfect if you need help finding something or if you are stuck in the dark with no light and need a way to get around. The light will be released through the camera on your android phone. If you are ever stuck in a sticky situation, this app can come in handy for you.



Just about everyone has a Facebook page because this is, after all, the most popular social networking website on the Internet right now. Not only does this come in handy for people who love to keep in touch with friends and family members, it is also a free app which means you will never have to pay a cent to use this app. With the Facebook app, you will be able to do everything that you would do on a regular computer. You can upload pictures, like status updates, create your own status update, tag people, and do just about anything you want. You will also be able to state your exact location using this application on your android phone. You will also receive notifications if anyone comments on your status or does anything newsworthy. This is a great app to have because, first of all, it is free and also because it will help to keep you in touch with people from you phone. If you love Facebook, this is an app that you definitely want to have on your android phone.

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When it comes to android phones, there are just so many different apps that you will have to choose from. Here are Android market stats from AppBrain:


It can be hard to choose what you want and don’t want to have on your phone. As of right now, there are just about 350,000 different apps that have been created for android phones. When you take into consideration the number of apps available, you will realize how difficult it is to find which ones are the best. These are just a few of some of the best apps that you can find for android phones. Each of these apps is useful in different ways. Google has a long list of apps that they provide for the android phone. And while these apps are some of the best, there are lots of music and game apps that you may have fun choosing from. If you have an android phone, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to add these apps to your phone because they are quite amazing.


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    Good list, I use the facebook and flashlight apps all the time! I also use clean master an easy way to clean the junk and cache off of your phone to keep it running smoothly. Thanks!

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