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VPS Enterprise Hosting vs. Reseller Enterprise Hosting

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If you are a dedicated online business owner, then you know that expansion is the key to continued success in any niche. The moment your business falls victim to inertia is the moment that all progress comes to a halt, and in most cases profits begin to regress. The expansion of an online business directly correlates to the expansion of their web hosting capabilities and the size of their hosting plan.

The largest companies typically utilize a dedicated hosted plan, however for the budding entrepreneur with a decently sized domain portfolio, an enterprise VPS or reseller hosting plan will do just fine. If you’re having trouble deciding which plan type would be best for your business model, you may want to consider the following information.

Server Stability

In terms of server capabilities and sheer performance, the most robust VPS hosting plan offered by a hosting provider will usually outdo the most powerful reseller plan offered by the same company. This is because VPS hosting plans are designed to accommodate a seemingly infinite level of expansion, especially in the cloud environment.

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Web hosts understand that VPS plans are used by business owners that need the resource for their own sites, whereas reseller plans are used as a means to obtain wholesale server resources in order to resell them for a profit. Nonetheless, some webmasters do utilize their reseller hosting plan for their own needs, and if you’re planning on doing so it is important to ensure there is enough left for your clients. The VPS hosting environment is generally more conducive to uninterrupted server power than reseller hosting because of the way the server resources are pooled from various server partitions simultaneously.

Price and Performance

Unless you own and operate an exuberant amount of sites, or several extremely large sites, you probably won’t notice a significant difference between the performance of an enterprise VPS and an enterprise reseller hosting plan. However, once you reach a certain point, the VPS will eventually outperform the reseller plan as it is overloaded with bandwidth and data. This is because the capabilities of a reseller hosting plan are usually capped at about 1500 GB bandwidth and 200 GB disk space, while VPS enterprise plans provide up to 3200 GB bandwidth and 250 GB disk space. Also, it is important to note that the server hosting the reseller hosting plan may tend to slow down more because of the various control panels and client accounts that may be utilizing the server’s resources.

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Reliability and Ratings

In terms of reliability, although there is no conclusive evidence to support this, it seems as if the VPS environment would fair better in the face of massive traffic spikes. This is because the server hosting the reseller hosting plan is more likely to be congested with segmented partitions for each of the reseller’s clients. However, this may not be true f the reseller account is being used solely for the benefit of the webmaster. As far as ratings are concerned, VPS pans ins general are more popular and more desirable.

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