Nine Unique Advantages of Managed Hosting

Managed hosting is one of many types available on today’s web hosting market, geared towards businesses that require more personalized care for their web presence.  As the name suggests, the provider takes on a great deal of the management aspects, freeing the client of grueling responsibilities and thus allowing them to be more productive.  There are numerous advantages that come along with managed hosting and below we have listed the top nine.

1.) Simplified Administration – Managed hosting gives you an additional level of support that stems beyond what the typical hosting service can offer.  This often includes server administration and various other management tasks.

2.) Cost Effective – Though it is more expensive than most types of web hosting, managed hosting can be a very cost effective option due to the fact that it can free up time and help an organization be more productive.

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3.) Enhanced Security – In the ideal arrangement, managed hosting provides an added layer of security with features such as critical system updates, disaster recovery, and data backup.  Companies that are truly reliant on their web presence will benefit tremendously from a service that takes the necessary measures to ensure they are protected.

4.) Extensive Monitoring – Managed hosting typically provides an environment that is monitored 24/7.  This often includes monitoring of the hardware, systems and the network itself.  With such extensive monitoring, you can better assure superb performance and availability as any problems will be addressed as soon as they are detected.

5.) High-Performance – The hardware you get from a managed hosting provider usually towers over what is provided in a shared hosting arrangement.  This is because you normally receive high quality dedicated equipment and are not forced to share with other customers.  In the ideal environment, managed hosting can deliver performance that puts its shared counterpart to shame.

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6.) Increased Reliability – Many new customers who upgrade to a dedicated server incur a significant amount of downtime because of all the technical challenges.  Managed hosting can help you elude these crucial periods of downtime by putting the technical burdens on the shoulders of trained IT experts.

7.) Guaranteed Resources and Features – While all types of web hosting tend to offer great feature and resource allotments, managed hosting tends to give you significantly more.  For example, you get more disk storage and bandwidth as well as more flexibility with features like programming languages, web applications, and services.

8.) Cost Savings –  Managed hosting can be so advantageous that it eliminates the need for a full-time system administrator.  Since the web hosting company is taking care of the bulk of administration, you can save the money that would normally be needed to pay someone to maintain your systems.

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9.) Personalized Support – Because managed hosting is modeled around the concept of dedicated support, this sort of arrangement often makes it much easier to obtain the assistance you need.   Almost all managed hosting services offer 24/7 support, ensuring that you can reach the IT experts when you need them.

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