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iTech Review: Great Data Storage Choices

A few days ago, my computer decided it was time to die. Naturally, it was between backups and I had just uploaded a complete file of client’s files. I knew some tricks for trying to revive the hard drive for one last backup but nothing worked, so down to the local computer shop to see […]

Outsourcing Backup? Top 5 Challenges You Need to Address

Outsourcing comes in different forms, from call center to the entire data center. Now there are companies that are outsourcing their backup infrastructure; this is not moving their documents and databases to the cloud, but rather than having someone monitor backups, manage tapes etc., like a full-time backup administrator would do. As is the case […]

Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

Since the era of the computer came into full effect in the mid to late 20th century, data is often considered to be one of the most important aspects of running any type of company. Because sensitive data is so valuable to all organizations in the current global marketplace, it has become a necessity from […]

Cloud Backup & Online Storage Services

Cloud computing is changing the way we do business, and forcing some consumer online storage services to rethink their long term pricing strategies, as the proliferation of cheap and powerful computing resources complicates their growth. Once viable pricing structures have been thrown off track by a combination of users’ increasing storage demands and the greater […]

Tips for Improving Performance of Your Windows Server 2008 Dedicated Machine

It’s common in the web hosting world to compare the relative benefits of operating systems.  This masks an important fact, though: in all cases, they are what you make of them.  While there are naturally limits to this (no one is running Commodore 64 web hosting), the little improvements you can make to a machine […]

First Deployment of R1Soft Data Protection by Servers Australia

Australian-based web hosting provider Servers Australia recently announced the launch of a well-known, highly respectable backup solution from software developer R1Soft. This program provides customers with exclusive backup options and disaster recovery while protecting data on web hosting provider’s servers. According to Servers Australia, the company will offer CDP backups to all virtual private servers […]

Bux4Real Attacked by Hackers

The Bux4Real website has incurred a number of heavy hacker attacks over the past several days. Prior to the attacks, the Bux4Real team announced the development of their revolutionary money-making concept, the Bux4Real creator. The team has promised to continue with development despite these heavy attacks. Statements from Management The Customer Support Director at the […]

Understanding Server Disaster Recovery Tactics

Disasters caused by mother nature or man can be catastrophic to the surrounding area; data centers are no exception. Although many backup storage facilities are utilized to try to prevent any data loss, it may never be enough. It’s a Scary Thought Organizations across the globe pay extra money to ensure their data held on […]

Advantages of Utilizing Co-location Hosting

A co-location server is one that is situated at a dedicated facility and houses a customer’s equipment. These facilities usually offer high-security, regulated power, filtered power, backup power generators, secured cages, a dedicated internet connection, security, support, fire detection and extinguishing devices. This allows firms to house their hardware in a more secure location than […]

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