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Bux4Real Attacked by Hackers

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The Bux4Real website has incurred a number of heavy hacker attacks over the past several days. Prior to the attacks, the Bux4Real team announced the development of their revolutionary money-making concept, the Bux4Real creator. The team has promised to continue with development despite these heavy attacks.

Statements from Management

The Customer Support Director at the organization released a statement recognizing that these attacks prove Bux4Real is considered a competitive threat by scammers. Therefore, the concept system has proven to be an undesirable asset to the competition with the exception of a few trusted companies. The Bux4Real creator is such a threat because if the team succeeds many competing Bux companies will be eradicated.

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Considerable Damages

The damages to the current Bux4Real system have been so considerable that even the backup systems have been affected. However, the systems team has been working around the clock to recover as much of the lost data as possible. The Chief Technology Officer is confident the effects of these attacks will be limited.

Reassurance to the Members

The company continues to reassure their members that they are working as hard as possible to correct this issue, thus keeping customers satisfied. Unfortunately, a small portion of users will be forced to register their accounts again but none of the benefits will be lost. Executives have asked their members for forgiveness and continue to apologize for this unfortunate event.

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A Bonus

Therefore, the company is allowing member who lost their accounts extra time to reenter the system. As a result of this attack, the company has decided to give back to the community by giving the first 40,000 members a credit of $10 into their account. The team believes the loyal members will remain through thick and thin.

Management has further stated that the company is fighting for no mercy to those that attacked the system. They continue to express their gratitude to members and assure them the system will be running and fully functional in a short amount of time.

There have been a large number of hacker attacks in the recent months. The attack on Bux4Real appears to have done a large amount of damage if members have lost their accounts. Hopefully the new system in development will protect members from any heavy attacks in the future.


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  • Avatar raktim says:

    I have an a/c in bux4real earning 2.25$ already. What will happen 0n 25th july will my payment received by me to paypal i don’t know. Oh god

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