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The Great Hacking Heist of 2014

2014 seemed to be the year of the hack and whittling away at website capabilities. While some hacks can serve as a mere annoyance to web hosts and their clients, others can be downright devastating for days to come. Such hacks can lead to the release of sensitive employee information and private correspondences, as was […]

The Top 9 Ways You Can Foil Hackers

The word “hacker” strikes fear in the heart of many businesses and web hosting companies, and rightfully so. Hackers have become a major threat to websites, causing downtime, launching viruses or malware, and even stealing vital company information or customer data. In order to foil hackers, you must have, and maintain, the highest level of […]

Will Web Hosting Companies Ever Be a Target of Cyber Attack?

With a slew of hackings and compromised customer information, cyber attacks have quickly come to the forefront of attention in the United States and around the world. With the human race’s increasing dependency on technology, vital and private information is stored on devices that most people trust to be quite secure. Yet the public has […]

Is Your Server Secure? How Vulnerable Is Your Data to Hackers?

The recent Heartbleed bug brought pertinent security issues to light. Multiple security redundancies are not preferable when combating ransomware; they are necessary. Victims of ransomware such as Heartbleed have already jeopardized numerous types of server security. Heartbleed has prompted widespread public awareness announcements for webmasters, IT experts, and almost every person who owns a smartphone.

Are Certain Countries a Threat to Web Security?

The concept of cyber warfare is not particularly new. However, numerous criminal organizations in foreign countries claim to work for, or obtain funding from, widely recognized government organizations. Cyber warfare is a multifaceted concept that is almost impossible to trace or predict.

Why They Killed Aaron Swartz

This will be the question of our decade. Swartz’s father claims the government killed him. Many journalists assert Swartz’s brain chemistry and circumstances killed him… Baloney. Certainly his depression, added to the pressure of a high-profile lawsuit, created the perfect mix of pressure that Swartz needed to kill himself, but don’t delude yourself that it […]

What the New User can Learn from the GoDaddy Account Hack

Recently a security breach occurred in 445 of GoDaddy’s web hosting accounts.  While that may not seem like a lot on a percentage basis, that is also high enough to indicate that the hack was some type of systemic problem.  This can scare the new user into a lot of frantic questions. Panicked thought is […]

Keep Your Site Safe – Learn What Not to Do

Let’s face it: The Internet isn’t the golden playground it once was, where all could go and have their swing in peace. In fact, it’s now so overrun with bullies and miscreants that it’s a wonder we haven’t decided to swap school districts yet! That was a joke, but the idea remains the same. It’s […]

How And When To Offer SSH Access To Your Customers

If you’re running on a Unix or Linux server, then you likely access your files systems via SSH on a daily basis. However, this might be well and fine for an administrator like you, but should you also be offering the same access to your customers? SSH is particularly vulnerable to attacks by unwanted intruders, […]

How To Deal With A Possible Intruder On Your Server

You’re cruising through your server’s inner network one fine day, when all of a sudden you notice an unfamiliar name accessing your files. This user may have come through SSH, or any other access method, but no matter the entry port, you certainly don’t want them accessing your files. Before panic sets in and you […]

How to Keep Your Server Safe From Common Security Problems

It’s a wild, wild world out there. There’s all kinds of culprits just waiting to hack your website, trash all those gorgeous lines of code, and then steal your information from here to Sunday. Thankfully, though, we as web hosters have had plenty of time to study the most common forms of cyber attack: And […]

Several Security Risks and How to Avoid Them

Yes, you’ve made sure that you’ve chosen a password that you can remember, that no one else can guess, and that has in it at least one number and one punctuation mark.  You know, though, that there is more to securing your web site than that, but you don’t know where to start looking for […]

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