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First Deployment of R1Soft Data Protection by Servers Australia

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Australian-based web hosting provider Servers Australia recently announced the launch of a well-known, highly respectable backup solution from software developer R1Soft. This program provides customers with exclusive backup options and disaster recovery while protecting data on web hosting provider’s servers. According to Servers Australia, the company will offer CDP backups to all virtual private servers and dedicated hosting customers regardless of the management level.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Furthermore, the company stated the new backup system will be able to protect Windows and Linux-based servers as well as physical and virtual servers due to the cross-platform compatibility. The software will also feature reliable data protection for use with MySQL database services.

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Robust and Secure Software Solutions

R1Soft is well-known in the web hosting industry for robust and secure software solutions which puts the minds of clients at ease. Also, Servers Australia has conducted extensive internal testing and confirms that CDP software is consistent with the claims. In a recent press release the Chief Information Officer of Servers Australia confirmed that R1Soft provides an excellent solution for data protection that is reliable and affordable.

Bare Metal Restore

The hosting provider has also implemented R1Soft’s Bare Metal Restore feature which quickly recovers an entire server file system. This will cut current restore times in half which equates to less downtime in the occurrence of a server issue.

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Statement from R1Soft

The Global Marketing Manager of R1Soft followed-up with a statement indicating that the company is extremely excited to be working closely with one of Australia’s leading web hosting providers. R1Soft expects this partnership to help propel Servers Australia further ahead of the competition. By providing such robust backup software to the company, Servers Australia is sending a clear message that they are fulfilling the data protection needs of their clients.

Recent Security Issues

Ironically this announcement comes shortly after domain registrar and Australian web hosting provider Distribute.IT suffered a major attack from hackers that resulted in the company changing to another hosting provider. This advanced protection software should help Servers Australia avoid a similar fate.

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One of the most important responsibilities of a web hosting provider is to keep their client’s information safe at all times. Luckily, R1Soft has developed an excellent software program to do just that through redundant backup and recovery systems. Due to the reputation of R1Soft’s products, Servers Australia will greatly expand their client base.


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