The Power of Cube Panel

Cube Panel is a unique control panel application that makes managing your domain and server functions an extremely easy process.  While there are many control panels available, some of them being extremely popular like cPanel, Cube Panel carries all of the same features of the other more popular control panels. In fact, Cube Panel is […]

Nine Unique Advantages of Managed Hosting

Managed hosting is one of many types available on today’s web hosting market, geared towards businesses that require more personalized care for their web presence.  As the name suggests, the provider takes on a great deal of the management aspects, freeing the client of grueling responsibilities and thus allowing them to be more productive.  There […]

Top Four Reasons to use Cube Panel

Created by software company Biztology, Cube Panel is a control panel application that provides the ultimate in automation to simplify the process of managing a server or website.  Though overshadowed by more popular options such as cPanel and Plesk, this control panel is very capable and a worthy competitor on the market.  If you are […]

Critical Factors to Consider When Evaluating Application Hosting

Application hosting services are increasing in demand as more business come to realize that outsourcing to a qualified managed service provider can greatly enhance the deployment process and reduce costs across the board.  To help you find a service that meets the needs and expectations of your organization, we have listed some of the important […] Gets a Facelift

UK-based web hosting provider has restructured its site to better reflect the high level of support and services available to its client base.  According to a recent announcement, the company invested six months of time into designing the new site, which has since been incorporated with a number of enhancements.   Some of 34SP’s upgrades […]

Hosting Considerations for E-commerce

When it comes to e-commerce, one must take several factors in consideration.  Apart from deciding what market you want to tackle and thinking of ways to promote the business, you must also factor your online presence into the mix.  Your business site will require a hosting solution and there are so many too choose from.  […]

The Benefits of VPS Hosting

Seemingly out of nowhere, VPS has become the preferred hosting solution for small to medium sized businesses.  VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, a solution that effectively bridges the gap between the limitations of shared hosting and the flexibility of dedicated server hosting.  A VPS is created by virtualization software which partitions a single physical […]