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The Power of Cube Panel

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Cube Panel is a unique control panel application that makes managing your domain and server functions an extremely easy process.  While there are many control panels available, some of them being extremely popular like cPanel, Cube Panel carries all of the same features of the other more popular control panels. In fact, Cube Panel is better than most of these control panels in some areas.  Here we will discuss just how capable Cube Panel is by highlighting some of it’s key features and attributes.


Cube Panel supports all three major operating systems; Windows, Linux and Unix. This is a very important feature because even the famed cPanel is not capable of this!  Even though Plesk is compatible with all three of these operating systems as well, it is not nearly as efficient as Cube Panel in it’s basic functions.  This attribute is listed first because it alone puts Cube Panel ahead of nearly every other control panel.

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Simplicity Combined With Power

Even though Cube Panel is loaded with incredible features, it is also extremely easy to use, with a maximum learning curve of only a few hours. The user-interface is lined with simple navigational screens that make using this control panel a breeze even to the most novice users. Almost every feature you would need is located conveniently on the main page. You can also find crucial domain statistics to the left in a well designed statistic panel. Even though Cube Panel licenses cost $100, they are so confident in their control panel that they allow user to trial the Lite version for free. This free version is still highly capable of carrying out all of the basic functions of an efficient control panel.

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Domain Statistics and Options

There are two main domain option categories; Domain Limits and Domain Permissions. The Domain Limits category concerns all of the options that regard your the limits placed on your domain at any given time. Here you’ll find information like how much free disk space you have, how many email accounts you can have, and how much bandwidth your account has been allotted.  On the other hand, the Domain Permissions area displays information concerning your hosting account, such as the kind of programming support available to you, and your FTP access details. Both of these features allow you to monitor the status of your hosting account, so it will be easy to recognize when an upgrade is needed.

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Easy Backups

Of course backing up your data is very important to the existence of your website, and Cube Panel makes doing so very easy. Cube Panel contains an integrated backup utility that when used regularly will prevent you from ever having to worry about losing data due to unforeseen events. Backing up data in Cube Panel is as easy as clicking the “backup data” button.  After you have clicked the “backup data” button you can then select from a list of options that will allow you to make a one time backup or arrange for weekly/monthly backups to occur automatically.

The features above make Cube Panel a formidable contender for the best control panel on the market today, and it would not be surprising to see it competing with cPanel in the near future.


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