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Battle of the Giants: Linux and Windows Compared

In the world of superior web hosting, there’s really only two main competitors as far as your operating system goes—unless you’re willing to be some kind of mad scientist, that is. Essentially, every webmaster must face the same battle during the earliest span of their career, staring at that blank server box while wondering, “Should […]

Windows Hosts with the Mosts

Even today not everyone is looking for the cheapest web host.  If you are a serious web developer you may want a wide variety of features at your fingertips without having to pay the fees associated with a dedicated server. For those focusing their attention on Windows web development there are a number of quality, […]

coLinux: can Linux and Windows co-exist?

The logo for Cooperative Linux, more popularly known as coLinux, sums up the attempted approach to the platform.  Placing the Windows logo and Linux penguin in opposite ends of the yin yang summarizes not just this software, but the problem it is attempting to address.  With a few UNIX, Macintosh and scattered other exceptions, the […]

Windows 8 – What the Early Reviews are Saying

Windows 8 hasn’t yet been officially released, and we already found tips pages for using it.  Of course, that reflects how in the 21st century yesterday is two days too late.  It also reflects how much buzz Windows 8 is generating, click here to see developer preview. Between Windows 7 and Windows 8 the computing […]

Enkompass: A Windows Control Panel For The Masses

So, you finally bit the bullet: You gave in and used a Windows-based web host, contrary to the popular, Linux-oriented hosting. Before we say good for you, though, we just want to point out one sad fact—there aren’t many quality, Windows-ready control panels out there for managing your new content. At least, there aren’t many […]

Top 4 Windows Web Hosting Providers to Consider

Despite its well-discussed drawbacks, Windows continues to be a popular platform for web hosting.  There are many Windows-based hosting companies, and they are having no problems finding new customers. The user who wishes to use Windows as their operating system therefore has a large pool of applicant web hosts to choose from.  Though many of […]

Is Linux Overtaking Windows Web Hosting?

Web hosting has become an integral part of online businesses. Adding to the significant role that a good web hosting provider plays in one’s online success, it becomes very important to be smart and opt for the best possible web hosting option. The two most appealing web-hosting operating systems are Windows and Linux. Although Windows […]

The Popularity of Windows Web Hosting Explained

Although the Linux operating system is still a favorite amongst webmasters and web hosting providers, Windows is trailing closely behind and has been gaining popularity during the past couple of years. In the home PC market, Windows is well known as the most popular operating system in the world, with the Mac OS X being […]

ASP Web Hosting Reviewed

ASP (Active Server Pages) is a revolutionary programming language and platform that facilitates the creation of dynamic webpages that can utilize interactive components and respond quickly to visitor input. Unlike other similar programming platforms that allow you to create interactive webpages, ASP is a complete server-side scripting solution, which means it is much more reliable […]

The Age Old Question: Linux vs Windows Hosting: Which is the Best?

One of the most difficult problems with choosing a hosting company is making the decision to either use a Windows based server or a Linux based server. While there are a number of choices out there, Windows and Linux make up the majority of all the servers on the internet. Most of the sources you’ll […]

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