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Top 4 Windows Web Hosting Providers to Consider

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Despite its well-discussed drawbacks, Windows continues to be a popular platform for web hosting.  There are many Windows-based hosting companies, and they are having no problems finding new customers.

The user who wishes to use Windows as their operating system therefore has a large pool of applicant web hosts to choose from.  Though many of them are very good, we whittled the available contenders down to four that our research found to be a solid value. They are as follows:

IX Web Hosting

IX Web Hosting is very business-friendly.  They provide extensive support for various types of Ecommerce software, their plans are all extensive and affordable, and they have fantastic support.  This includes having your own dedicated account representative: you don’t know the value of this until you’ve had a problem with another host that has gone on for a month and went through six or so different technician’s hands.

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HostGator is becoming one of the web hosting world’s leading providers.  They’ve been around seemingly forever and have won countless awards.  Their services are known for their stability and reliability and they have support for multiple versions of ASP up to 4.0.  They are considered by their user base to be very responsive and friendly, and they also are inexpensive with their hosting accounts as low as $4.76/month.

1and1 Web Hosting

Another long-running juggernaut of the web hosting world is 1&1.  For starters your web site is dual hosted: if something happens on one of the servers hosting your data, your web site will keep running uninterrupted from the second location.  Their higher-end shared accounts come with software for editing your website for mobile browsers, an increasingly important user  segment.  They also offer one of the longest money-back-guarantee programs in the business at 90 days, easily long enough to know if they are a solid fit for you.

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Bluehost has been online for a whopping 15 years, and has taken its place as one of the most reliable web hosts around.  They provide support for multiple content management software packages such as Tikiwiki, Drupal and Joomla (if you’re new to this field, please trust us: those are all highly coveted), as well as several blog and social networking scripts, and several different shopping cart packages.  On their web site is a live demo site that you can use to sample their services.


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