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Is Linux Overtaking Windows Web Hosting?

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Web hosting has become an integral part of online businesses. Adding to the significant role that a good web hosting provider plays in one’s online success, it becomes very important to be smart and opt for the best possible web hosting option. The two most appealing web-hosting operating systems are Windows and Linux. Although Windows has been around for many years and is pretty prominent among clients, Linux has come up and made rapid leaps on the popularity charts in recent years. Due to the striking competition between the two, it has become a debatable subject whether Linux has overtaken Windows Web Hosting. The following article will discuss the pros and cons of both, so that you may choose among the two, according to your needs and requirements.

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Benefits of Linux and Windows Web Hosting

A solid .NET framework is vital in getting your website hosted. This is a major advantage of Windows web hosting. On the other hand, Linux is an open source system, which is beneficial for the website owners. Native Windows technologies can only be run on Windows web hosting. Static HTML pages work precisely well with both versions. Linux hosting is believed to be stable and can support online shopping websites. The uptime with Linux website is also commendable. Contrary to this, Linux doesn’t work hand in hand with Microsoft technologies.

A Comparison between Both

If we talk about the security aspect, Linux is perceived to be more reliable than Windows. All crucial website details need to be kept secured. In this regard, Windows web hosting is perceived to have more vulnerability. It is susceptible to hacking attacks.

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Linux holds an upper hand in the price aspect as well. It is cheaper than Windows. In fact, you get it free in most cases. However, several complex applications are involved in Linux and this makes learning it more challenging and exciting.

The fact is that website developers have equally liked both the operating systems. The decision to choose between the two depends completely on your budget, preferences and website type. If you are new in the field of website development, Linux is recommended. This is because of the ease with which it uploads and runs. On the other hand, experienced developers are likely to go for Windows web hosting. Therefore, take in consideration the above factors and you are bound to make the right choice.


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