How to Keep Security Response Team Happy

It is hard to find a security professional. It is even harder to manage them if you do not accept that they are slightly unconventional people at the first place. This is not to say anything negative about these individuals nor anybody’s managing skills, but to say that socially they are the highly analytical people […]

Best Practices to Secure Your Cloud

John Chambers, CIO of Cisco said “there are two types of companies, those who have been hacked and those who do not yet know they have been hacked.” Many companies thought that there is no such thing as a protection. Some further thought their data is already public and compromising their business data will be […]

CIO Perspective: Breach Happens

Are you still thinking that a breach is something that happens to others, something that you follow in the news? Hopefully at least you are considering a data breach as something imminent and thinking about what to do and where to start. In this article I will ask some thought provoking questions to help you […]

Can Your Domains Get Hijacked?

Imagine this scenario: your customer service line gets a call from the owner of a small business whose e-commerce website is hosted through your service. The owner is in a panic. After months of steady visitor traffic and consistent daily transactions, suddenly all visits to her site have stopped. Not knowing what do to next, […]

Are Your Employees the Biggest Threat to Your Cybersecurity?

Rather than concerning themselves with malicious hacker groups like Lizard Squad, business owners may want to learn from federal agencies and look at their insiders and employees as the next threat to their company’s cybersecurity. Bumping up company cybersecurity may not be very effective if your employees aren’t well educated on how they can both […]

Why Entire Web Hosts Can Be Destroyed by Cyber Attacks

It seems like more and more prominent web servers are getting hacked and attacked these days. If even the giants of online industry are susceptible to hacks and attacks, what are humble web hosts supposed to do? Cyber attacks can be devastating to a server, and even more devastating when they reach other servers from […]