Top 5 Sources to Download Free Software

Free Software

Several years back a computer was enough to keep up with the latest technological trends, however, today, a working internet connection is compulsory if you don’t want to be left behind. Things have been progressing pretty fast, and not only in terms of hardware innovations and high speed connections (by the way, did you know […]

Reasons to Choose Open Source CMS Software

As content management systems (CMS) continue to grow in popularity, many webmasters and website owners are moving toward open-source software. This type of software offers a great deal of opportunity for improvement, expansion and customization. The CMS world is no different and this should be taken full advantage of by the open-source CMS community, especially […]

Web-cp – Free and Open Source Control Panel for Developers

If you’re a web developer than you’re probably aspiring to make a significant contribution to the online community. One of the easiest ways to build a custom software without having to devote an exuberant amount of temporal dedication to the project is to use a pre-designed open source platform as your starting point. Control panels […]

Static HTML Pages vs CMS Generated Sites

Web development is an essential aspect of the internet industry, being directly responsible for the origin of user-friendly interfaces that we enjoy on a daily basis. There are many ways to design a site, from advanced programming platforms to simple site builders that are included with eCommerce hosting plans, each one accommodating the needs of […]

The Advantages of a Custom CMS

Content management systems are one of the most important tools for any webmaster, especially if you need to maximize your productivity while staying organized in the management of your site. Surprisingly, most content management systems are free, open source software that are included automatically with your web hosting plan. However, creating a custom content management […]

Hosting Providers Diversifying: Takes the Lead

Web hosting providers are a dime a dozen. As a result they must differentiate their service from the various other providers available to consumers. Some take the cheap hosting route; others offer a diversity of features. ZNET Technologies is now adding PHP hosting to it’s repertoire of hosting products. There’s a fast growing customer demand […]

Types of Content Management Systems

There are literally thousands of content management systems available on the internet. Each one caters to different users offering a variety of features which are consistent across all sites. There are four main types of content management systems that each of the thousands fall under. The systems include: 1) Homegrown 2) Commercial 3) High-end 4) […]