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Free Software

Top 5 Sources to Download Free Software

Several years back a computer was enough to keep up with the latest technological trends, however, today, a working internet connection is compulsory if you don’t want to be left…

The Resurgence of Apache

Evolution occurs at such a lightning-fast pace on the World Wide Web that almost nothing maintains dominance for very long.  Things like Google as a search engine and Flash as…


Linux Web Hosting – What Makes it Click?

Linux Web Hosting is appropriately named.  Websites built using the Linux operating systems are said to be hosed on Linux, as simple as that! Some features of Linux web hosting…


Is Linux Overtaking Windows Web Hosting?

Web hosting has become an integral part of online businesses. Adding to the significant role that a good web hosting provider plays in one’s online success, it becomes very important…

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How Content Management Systems affect Web Designers

Content Management Systems (CMS) are growing extensively around the internet. They allow a vast amount of storage with the addition of tremendous functionality and customization. CMS is the next step…

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Reasons to Choose Open Source CMS Software

As content management systems (CMS) continue to grow in popularity, many webmasters and website owners are moving toward open-source software. This type of software offers a great deal of opportunity…

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Static HTML Pages vs CMS Generated Sites

Web development is an essential aspect of the internet industry, being directly responsible for the origin of user-friendly interfaces that we enjoy on a daily basis. There are many ways…

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The Advantages of a Custom CMS

Content management systems are one of the most important tools for any webmaster, especially if you need to maximize your productivity while staying organized in the management of your site….

Types of Content Management Systems

There are literally thousands of content management systems available on the internet. Each one caters to different users offering a variety of features which are consistent across all sites. There…