The Advantages of a Custom CMS

Content management systems are one of the most important tools for any webmaster, especially if you need to maximize your productivity while staying organized in the management of your site. Surprisingly, most content management systems are free, open source software that are included automatically with your web hosting plan. However, creating a custom content management system is often the best option for web site owners that are in need of a more robust solution. Open source software can be changed by any developer with the interest and capability to do so. If you’re looking for a custom solution for your site management tasks then you may want to consider the following recommendations and advantages of custom content management systems.

Multiple Site Management

The most coveted feature of any custom CMS is by far the ability to manage several web sites simultaneously. Most open source CMS do not support this feature by default, however it is not too difficult to add this functionality with a bit of programming experience. If you do not have the skills to do it yourself or the money to hire a developer, you may want to consider a CMS that includes this functionality by default, such as SilverStripe. Many people choose to amend WordPress Multi-User to create a main hub through which they can manage hundreds of web sites.

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Unique Site Design

Having a custom content management system will also give you the ability to create web site that are unparalleled by your competition. With an amended CSM you can add new modules to your site and experiment with unique navigational concepts. If you;re getting tired of the same old mundane look of the themes your CMS is compatible with, then you may want to consider having your CMS developed into a custom solution that supports more complex templating and unique site deign capabilities. If you want the best looking web site then you will need to have access to the best administrative interface possible within your CMS.

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Client Satisfaction and Requirements

If you are a web developer with a healthy base of clients then you may want to consider the personalization benefits of being able to customize a content management system. When a client comes to you with a requirement you’ll no longer have to scramble for a solution because you’ll be able to amend their current CMS to include features that will satisfy all of their needs and preferences.

Custom Plugins

Plugins are by far the best aspect of a CMS, as they can drastically improve the functionality of the software in many cases. In fact, WordPress is known for having the largest plugin database, and this attribute is often accredited for the continuously growing popularity of WordPress. If you want the best CMS available then you will need to consider the overlooked advantages of custom plugins. Most CMS customizations will come in the form of a plugin or additional module, so if you are looking for a specific feature in your CMS you may want to enlist the help of a plugin developer before trying to change the entire interface of the CMS.

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