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Fastest WordPress Hosting in Town

In case you were unaware, services like Google and Yahoo are built around the concept of search engine optimization—they are search engines, after all. The basic idea here is that you want your website to rank highly with all of the various search engines, as most viewers aren’t likely to scan through fifteen pages of […]

WordPress Plugins – Making the Most of the Your Site

We recommend WebHostingHub as the best web hosting for your blog. While we talk about the advantages of the different content management systems frequently, their strength is far more determined by how you use them.  Each CMS has a world of plugins that programmers all over the world have created.  Some of them are powerful […]

Alternative’s to WordPress – Other Content Management Systems do Exist

WordPress may be the ten-gallon hat and eight-hundred pound gorilla of Content Management Systems (or CMS, for the tech-savvy and initiated) but that doesn’t mean it’s the only kid on the block. In fact, there are quite a few other PHP-based management systems out there that are more than capable of getting the job done. […]

An Overview of PHP-Based Content Management Systems Beyond WordPress

WordPress is far and away the most popular content management system (CMS) on the web.  It’s for good reason, but like anyone holding the claim of first place, it still has its critics.  If you are working with PHP and want a good content management system for your site, you have a gaggle of options.  […]

When to Transition to a Content Management System

Over time, websites can become clogged with old and useless content from a variety of departments, people and organizational divisions. In turn, it becomes impossible to keep track of it all. This is a major issues faced by many companies that have entrusted their website to an outsourced developer of Information Technology Department. Therefore, content […]

SharePoint’s Affect on Information Management

For many years content management systems have faced the challenge of a lack of discipline with regards to users effectively controlling the scope of the effort. It is easy to take advantage of any product immediately released. However, the launch of Microsoft SharePoint may be able to properly scope company initiatives. Although SharePoint will not […]

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