Joomla: For You, For Me, For Everybody


All website developers looking for a CMS to base their projects on try to verify that the software will completely meet their needs with the most desirable features and options. This is expected, considering that customization is an indispensable tool of modern website and software development.

Choosing the best CMS requires one to ascertain as to whether he/she would be able to work with the system effectively and efficiently. Even the top three content management systems, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, differ to a great extent.  All of these CMS’ have their scoring points, and maybe some flaws as well. However, deciding on your suited CMS may become a lot easier after reading this article.

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When in Doubt, go Joomla!

It seems like bringing everybody on board was always the idea of the Joomla developers. The makers of this CMS believe that people need to enjoy working on a solid CMS, and this is one of the primary goals of Jooma.

Joomla, by definition, actually means ‘everyone together’ in Swahili and this points to the inherent idea of using the CMS which Joomla has been developed. New entrants in web site development face torrid times when they are made to work with a CMS that makes their tasks difficult, due to complex menus and thousands of options. Making one’s way past all the unknown features and getting onto the right ones takes a lot of time and this is where Joomla scores heavily over its competitors. With the intuitive and easy to master tools, newbies find it extremely easy to use and make rapid leaps into launching their website. Having your way with Joomla is as easy as it comes. There are so many customization options that users find it almost tailor made for them to be basing their websites on.

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Joomla gets past a very fierce competitor in the form of WordPress, and it does so by letting the users exercise full control over the appearance and outlook of their website projects. No wonders, the most attractive looking websites these days happen to be made with Joomla. Thus, jut in case you are considering making your own website to take the Internet world by storm, make sure that you do not forget to get a hang of this amazing CMS called Joomla.

Technical Requirements for Joomla 1.7.x and 1.6.x

PHP 5.2.4+
MySQL 5.0.4+
Apache (with mod_mysql, mod_xml, and mod_zlib) 2.x+
Microsoft IIS 7

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More information can found at the Joomla official website:

You can install Joomla with just a few clicks with any web hosting provider from our Top 10 Hosting List.

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