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Video Content Management System

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Video conferencing has become an important aspect of all types of business. The technology is commonly used to present important information to parties that cannot physically be at a meeting. Therefore, this begs the question, what can companies do to capture video clips featuring important information.

A Stellar Partnership

Polycom and Microsoft have teamed up to answer that question. Polycom recently announced a new video content management system that is to be powered by Microsoft Azure cloud service. Through this new technology, organizations will be able to develop a centralized, secure, searchable video content management system for corporate video assets.

The Video Content Management System

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This system will have the ability to manage long, important meeting videos or short, simple calls between users sitting at desk phones. The new system will store all this information in the cloud to ensure no data will be lost in the transfer. Also, cloud storage indicates a minimal amount of capital will be needed for those companies without storage or networking.

Capabilities of the System

Accordent Technologies was recently acquired by Polycom allowing them to add video content management coupled with delivery technologies to their portfolio. This platform has the capability to capture information and meetings in all major video types in addition to live, streaming webcasts from a studio.

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This feature delivers automated rich media webcasting directly from a classroom or meeting while permitting participants to add a streaming extension to any video conference. Therefore, the technology goes far beyond business use to middle school, junior high school, high school and college-level applications. Teachers and professors will be able to present important information in an entirely new environment.

Additionally, users will be able to generate video content directly from their desktop. Therefore, by simply searching the video content management system for a specific video or clip, users will be able to have access to this specific information from anywhere with an Internet connection. With new mobile technology, it is inevitable that acquiring videos via mobile device is next on the horizon.

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This resource is expected to revolutionize the way business is conducted as no information during a meeting will be lost. With so many meetings conducted across the globe on a daily basis, it is surprising this technology is emerging in 2011. The combination of Polycom conference technology with software powerhouse Microsoft is expected to create an easy-to-use and critical product for businesses across the world.


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