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Top Tech Gifts Under $100

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a love and passion for technology. If you or someone you know is obsessed with every aspect of technology, there are so many…

The Resurgence of Apache

Evolution occurs at such a lightning-fast pace on the World Wide Web that almost nothing maintains dominance for very long.  Things like Google as a search engine and Flash as…

cloud computing

Top 5 Cloud Storage Service Providers

There continues to be a growing demand for cloud computing services, especially among small business owners seeking reliable web hosting services. With the plethora of cloud providers currently available, for many…

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Video Content Management System

Video conferencing has become an important aspect of all types of business. The technology is commonly used to present important information to parties that cannot physically be at a meeting….

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The Popularity of Windows Web Hosting Explained

Although the Linux operating system is still a favorite amongst webmasters and web hosting providers, Windows is trailing closely behind and has been gaining popularity during the past couple of…

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An Overview of Windows Exchange Hosting

Microsoft Exchange Server is a powerful enterprise level software that is used to secure business communications, facilitate business management, and mediate online collaborations. This software is utilized by thousands of…