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Why Office 365 Is a Better Choice for Your Business

After more than two years in the field discussing and implementing Office 365 and Google Apps, trying to decide between the pros and cons of both, I can say that Microsoft’s solution is where I drop my anchor. It is far more than checking a few boxes in a spec sheet and then comparing the […]

Google Apps vs. Office 365: How Will You Choose One over Another?

The two giants of the computer industry are competing on making your office completely mobile with their highly competitive prices. Both are eying SOHOs, medium-size businesses and enterprises. Both have their own solutions. But how will you choose one over another? When you are evaluating Software as a Service (SaaS) plans, you need a 360 […]

Top Tech Gifts Under $100

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a love and passion for technology. If you or someone you know is obsessed with every aspect of technology, there are so many different tech items that would make great presents. While there are plenty of tech gifts that are expensive and can put a decent sized hole […]

Email Encryption: Protecting Yourself and Your Information

You decided to write a steamy email to your lover late at night from your home computer.  Pet names were used as well as some other language that, if anyone else but your lover saw, you would just die of embarrassment. The problem is you did not use any form of encryption on your email […]

SharePoint’s Affect on Information Management

For many years content management systems have faced the challenge of a lack of discipline with regards to users effectively controlling the scope of the effort. It is easy to take advantage of any product immediately released. However, the launch of Microsoft SharePoint may be able to properly scope company initiatives. Although SharePoint will not […]

Top 5 Cloud Storage Service Providers

There continues to be a growing demand for cloud computing services, especially among small business owners seeking reliable web hosting services. With the plethora of cloud providers currently available, for many entrepreneurs looking for a reputable service it’s difficult to choose the best cloud host to accommodate hosting needs. There are five cloud hosting providers, however, leading […]

Government Decides to Move Email to Microsoft Exchange

The San Francisco county government recently announced that it has decided to move all email to the Microsoft Exchange Online which is a cloud-based system. This will be a major upgrade to the current systems. Unfortunately during the week of May 9th, 2011, Microsoft Exchange Online fell victim to three outages that significantly affected business […]

Video Content Management System

Video conferencing has become an important aspect of all types of business. The technology is commonly used to present important information to parties that cannot physically be at a meeting. Therefore, this begs the question, what can companies do to capture video clips featuring important information. A Stellar Partnership Polycom and Microsoft have teamed up […]

The Popularity of Windows Web Hosting Explained

Although the Linux operating system is still a favorite amongst webmasters and web hosting providers, Windows is trailing closely behind and has been gaining popularity during the past couple of years. In the home PC market, Windows is well known as the most popular operating system in the world, with the Mac OS X being […]

The Age Old Question: Linux vs Windows Hosting: Which is the Best?

One of the most difficult problems with choosing a hosting company is making the decision to either use a Windows based server or a Linux based server. While there are a number of choices out there, Windows and Linux make up the majority of all the servers on the internet. Most of the sources you’ll […]

An Overview of Windows Exchange Hosting

Microsoft Exchange Server is a powerful enterprise level software that is used to secure business communications, facilitate business management, and mediate online collaborations. This software is utilized by thousands of successful businesses every day, primarily because of its ability to simplify corporate communication and enhance overall productivity. Windows exchange hosting is a type of hosting […]

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