What’s a Preinstalled Script, And Do I Need It?

When setting up your next website, you will inevitably come across a need for dynamic web applications. These are things that your users can work with, adding their own content, viewing yours in a quick manner, and even manipulating it to a fine-edge. From a server-side perspective, having dynamic web apps allows you to create […]

Say it with me – Joomla!


Continuing on with our series of reviewing the most popular content management systems out there, this week we shall explore Joomla!  (The exclamation point is there’s, not mine.) Joomla!’s origins are a lot more exciting than a lot of software, being born out of a tech divorce worthy of a Maury Povich show.  The team […]

Joomla: For You, For Me, For Everybody


All website developers looking for a CMS to base their projects on try to verify that the software will completely meet their needs with the most desirable features and options. This is expected, considering that customization is an indispensable tool of modern website and software development. Choosing the best CMS requires one to ascertain as […]

Joomla Expansion Efforts

Joomla recently released version 1.7 of their self-titled software which has been redesigned to support functions outside the scope of traditional web content management. Developers and website administrators will now be able to use the software as a framework for other types of web applications. New Development Lifecycle The updated version is also the beginning […]

Site Building Applications – A Central Component of eCommerce Hosting

E-commerce hosting is perhaps one of the most popular types of hosting plans, and is specifically designed to accommodate the requirements of online business owners. Online shops have unique needs that must be met by robust hosting plans that include a plethora of necessary components. Perhaps the most important component of an e-commerce hosting plan, […]

Understanding the Benefits of CMS

Creating static websites and changing the content can be difficult and time consuming. A Content Management System or CMS can be used to make this much easier. CMS systems have become increasingly popular because they make it very simple to adjust the contents on your site without needing to change the code or other settings, […]

Why a CMS is Essential for Doing Online Business in the 21st Century

Whatever your market niche, a content management system, more commonly referred to as a CMS, is an essential tool for your online business.  While there are seemingly infinite choices when it comes to selecting a CMS, each offers the ability to simplify the task of managing the daily operations surrounding your website.  The top five […]