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An Overview of PHP-Based Content Management Systems Beyond WordPress

WordPress is far and away the most popular content management system (CMS) on the web.  It’s for good reason, but like anyone holding the claim of first place, it still has its critics.  If you are working with PHP and want a good content management system for your site, you have a gaggle of options.  […]

When to Transition to a Content Management System

Over time, websites can become clogged with old and useless content from a variety of departments, people and organizational divisions. In turn, it becomes impossible to keep track of it all. This is a major issues faced by many companies that have entrusted their website to an outsourced developer of Information Technology Department. Therefore, content […]

New Content Management System Released by TYPO 3

Typo 3 is not as popular a service as WordPress or Joomla but is a reliable platform that boasts many features. The program allows its users to have the best settings for managing a large amount of information through numerous internet connections. This allows you to find the quickest answer while searching for the cleanest […]

New Promotion from Heart Internet

Web hosting provider Heart Internet recently announced a new promotion entitled, “Try us for a GBP 1” which is for their Home Pro hosting package. Regularly priced at GBP 8.99 per month, customers new to the package will receive it for GBP 1 for the entire first month. Therefore, this is more or less a […]

Site Building Applications – A Central Component of eCommerce Hosting

E-commerce hosting is perhaps one of the most popular types of hosting plans, and is specifically designed to accommodate the requirements of online business owners. Online shops have unique needs that must be met by robust hosting plans that include a plethora of necessary components. Perhaps the most important component of an e-commerce hosting plan, […]

Why a CMS is Essential for Doing Online Business in the 21st Century

Whatever your market niche, a content management system, more commonly referred to as a CMS, is an essential tool for your online business.  While there are seemingly infinite choices when it comes to selecting a CMS, each offers the ability to simplify the task of managing the daily operations surrounding your website.  The top five […]

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