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What’s a Preinstalled Script, And Do I Need It?

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When setting up your next website, you will inevitably come across a need for dynamic web applications. These are things that your users can work with, adding their own content, viewing yours in a quick manner, and even manipulating it to a fine-edge. From a server-side perspective, having dynamic web apps allows you to create media in a speedy way, and then get it out to all of your various end-game sites in a pinch.

With this in mind, many current web hosts provide preinstalled scripts of varying types. These are applications that are often times built into the cPanel, or can be installed with a mere click of a button. Think of how many hosts you’ve seen offering WordPress at the get-go: Seems like most of them, right? In fact, everything from Joomla to Magento to MediaWiki can be yours, depending on the provider.

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Long story short, when creating a new website, should you be taking advantage of these preinstalled script offerings to flesh out your site with dynamic content?

Short answer in long form: Yes! Here’s why, too!

These Scripts Are Safe

Because your provider knows its servers, and because they’ve become intimately acquainted with the software they’re looking to install, you can be almost absolutely positive they’ll have the thing locked down. This doesn’t mean your new system will be hacker-proof, but it’s certainly better off than if you had installed it yourself on an unfamiliar server you don’t even have direct access too. All in all, it’s their basket, and they have an eye on it. If you’re looking to keep your server as secure as possible, leave the app installation to the provider, and use what they’re offering.

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It’s Easy Like Apple Pie

Even better, relying on preinstalled dynamic web apps takes a huge load off of you. You don’t have to worry about uploading code to the server, installing it properly, locking it down with better security protection, and managing it as problems arise. Better yet, when problems do occur—and trust us, they will—it’s up to your provider to help you sort them out. With an automatically installed script, the host takes care of the installation, manages the script once placed, and brings the content to you hassle free. It’s like being given a Christmas gift that unwraps itself, plays without stopping, and fixes any tears that appear.

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If that’s not a win, we don’t know what is!


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