Comparing The Best Web Browsers

A web browser is what you use on a daily basis to surf the Internet. Web browsers have come a long way and run a lot faster than they did just a few years ago. Aside from running faster and loading web pages quicker, these browsers often offer plenty of different features that can be used to the users advantage. If you enjoy surfing the net on a daily basis, you would benefit greatly in knowing which web browsers are the absolute best.




Firefox is one of the best web browsers on the Internet, hands down. Downloading Firefox is absolutely free which means there is no cost to you to use this excellent web browsing program. Aside from being free, the web browser runs fast and loads web pages at a rapid speed. This is important for most website users. When the pages of a website take such a long time to load, users will become annoyed and frustrated. Firefox removes the possibility of frustration by providing fast and easy web browsing for all of its users. Firefox comes equipped with a search box that is simple to use, just about anyone can do it. You can also add on a bunch of different features and change the color skin of your web browser. These are just some of the really cool features that come along with Firefox.

Google Chrome


Google Chrome is another one of the best web browsers available. It can be used on computer with Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista. Google Chrome makes Internet browsing simple and fast. The browsing is so quick and pages load at an extremely fast pace. This is the perfect web browser for people who hate waiting for pages to load. Google Chrome also provides its users with an added sense of security that prevents fishing from taking place. If you have had already experienced some security problems in the past while browsing the Internet, you could benefit greatly from switching over to Google Chrome for the added security that you desire.

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Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer is one of the oldest web browsers on the Internet, having been around for more than fifteen years now. Within the past fifteen years, many changes have been made to Internet Explore to keep up with the demands of users everywhere. From added features and faster loading time, Internet Explorer 9 is an updated version of the traditional Internet Explorer and it runs faster than it once did several years ago. Internet Explorer 9 comes equipped with an updated search box, add-ons, plenty of extra features, and tabs for browsing. If you were tired of using your outdated older version of Internet Explorer, it may be time for an upgrade to Internet Explorer 9. Right now, it is currently in its Beta phase which means it is fairly new but it seems to work very well. Users are already raving over the fast loading time for web pages and the extra features that have been added on. Internet Explorer fans seem to love this updated version of the traditional web browser.



Safari, much like Internet Explorer, has been around for quite some time. While Safari has been around for a while, it is typically less popular than Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome. However, Safari recently released a new upgraded edition, Safari 5 which is jam packed with tons of cool features that users will love. HTML support is provided on Safari and web browsing is fast and easy to do. Extensions can be added onto Safari 5 at your convenience. While it may not be the first choice or the most popular choice, Safari 5 is bringing a lot to the table and is definitely one of the best web browsers on the Internet at this point.

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Opera is one of the pioneers among web browsers. Started out in 1994 as a research project within Telenor, Norway’s leading telecom. Within a year, Opera Software ASA was launched as an independent development company. Today, Opera is headquartered in Norway, with over 700 employees in offices around the world. Opera is adapted to a wide range of platforms, operating systems and embedded Internet products — including Mac, PC and Linux computers, tablets, mobile phones and PDAs. As a result, the Opera browser is the choice of some of the world’s most demanding and knowledgeable users.

A shiny, new browser Rockmelt


You may not have heard of Rockmelt because it is not as popular or as well-known as the other web browsers. However, Rockmelt is perfect for the social networking user who loves logging on to Twitter, Facebook, and tons of other social networking websites. How so? Rockmelt allows you to add a bunch of social networking sites to the toolbar on the web browser which enables you to check out all of your favorite social networking platforms without having to leave the page, exit a page, or type in a new web address. As of right now, Rockmelt is being passed around on an invitation only basis but if the opportunity comes to you, you may want to look into it. It is definitely the ideal browser for people who just cannot get enough of their social networking websites and pages.

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Overall, it can be a tough decision figuring out which web browser is best to use. All of these web browsers have positive features that just about any user would appreciate. Best of all, the creators of these browsers continue to work hard to ensure that the browsers advance along with technology.

In our opinion, Firefox is the best web browser to choose. Firefox has been around for quite some time now and has never failed to offer some of the fastest web page loading speeds as well as privacy and extra features. Firefox started off simple and has continued to grow while adding extra features that the users cannot seem to get enough of. In fact, Firefox has been rated the most popular web browser on the Internet.

However, while Firefox is the type of browser we would suggest, you can still benefit from trying the other web browsers too. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari are all fairly good for loading pages fast and offering a sense of added security for the users’ convenience. And it does not hurt to give Rockmelt a try either. For example, if you are the type of person who spends most of their Internet time on social networking platforms, you would probably prefer to use Rockmelt because it is mostly convenient for social networking website users.

3 comments on “Comparing The Best Web Browsers

  • TheWorld.Reads.It

    I am a news researcher and a web designer at my own news website. I currently use Opera, and it is a pain for me since I cannot access the designs of my web page and occasionally, a “500 Internal Server Error” occurs every time I upload to YouTube, I open my site, and any other sites such as The Philippine Star, The Philippine Daily Inquirer, CNN, BBC, and many others.

    I tried to use Safari but it was quite painful to transfer bookmarks and the loading time is even slower than that of Firefox. Can someone give me a good browser? The one that opens quickly, loads web pages at a very fast-pace, secured, and does not show Errors most of the time…

  • phpguy

    In my humble opinion Firefox and Explorer are bloated and slow. I usually stick to chrome. Firefox has addressed some of the issues recently.

  • HostGator Coupons

    I really can’t believe how Internet Explorer manages to be the market leader in the browser game. They are slower compared to the likes of Firefox and Chrome, they render pages different, which is a real pain if you are a web designer.

    I used to use Firefox, but the new release makes it slow on my computer (maybe I’m not the only one which explains the decline as shown in the graph) so now I’m using Opera 11 as my main which in my experience is quite fast and reliable.

    It’s also good to see Chrome gaining market share.

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