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Avira Antivirus Features

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In the current economy, investing in software is something most end users try to avoid. This is why free software is wonderful for everyone who is on a budget or merely doesn’t think spending money on a variety of software is entirely worth it. However, when it comes to Windows, malware is one of users’ top concerns. Viruses in executable files are not the only threat your computer may be exposed to. Visiting websites can also put both your machine and privacy at risk. Adware, cookies, online scams – these can be more harmful than executable viruses, since you would have much more to lose than a computer (such as personal information and bank account details) if you fall for them.

Antiviruses offer real time protection against all types of malicious software. An antivirus license doesn’t cost that much, but many users have been wondering if there might be any free alternative that offers the same protection at no cost. Most antiviruses come in both free and premium versions, but rumor has it Avira antivirus is one of the top choices you would want to go for in order to avoid spending money, without necessarily compromising quality and security. Let’s talk about the most important features of Avira and see if it can be a valuable option for you.

Main advantages

At a first glance, Avira has a user friendly interface making it easy to understand and handle. Apart from this, there are several other features you can notice from the first day of use:

Simple installation process. It only takes a few minutes and several clicks!

Easy to set up. You don’t have to be a computer guru in order to understand the way it works and set it up according to your preferences and needs.

Excellent scanning technology and frequent updates. Avira uses up-to-date technologies and updates its virus signature database regularly in order to provide top notch virus protection in real time. Avira is one of the antiviruses that perform signature database updates most frequently.

Effective protection. This antivirus monitors every active process and acts immediately if any threat is found.

Includes all virus protection tools. Avira is fully equipped with Antivirus, Anti Spyware, Anti Adware, Anti Dialer, Anti Spam, Anti Bot, Anti Rootkit and Anti Phishing tools.

Game Mode. Avira won’t pester you with notifications while you play!

The WebGuard module. This is a recently added feature. It will protect you against threats while surfing the worldwide web or downloading from web pages.

Avira Premium license. If you purchase Avira Premium, the protection of three computers will be guaranteed.

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What is the WebGuard module?

This element sounds a bit fancy, so you might have been wondering what it’s all about. The moment you access a web page, WebGuard will perform routine checks to determine whether the page is compromised or hosts malicious content. It can completely block and isolate the page if it poses a threat to the security of your computer. The WebGuard feature acts like a toolbar and is compatible with most of the well known web browsers.

Moreover, if a certain web page prompts you to download a dangerous file, WebGuard can recognize it before you download and install it on your computer. This is something most antiviruses can’t do!

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Outstanding firewall

A firewall acts like a virtual barrier against online threats. A firewall blocks network ports suspected to be involved in malicious activity. For example, a firewall can offer effective protection against spyware or prevent “evil” cookies from sending over private information that would normally be stored in your computer (cookies are files containing information about your user identity and also about your computer). A weak firewall can make your computer vulnerable to attacks that can bring your system down to its knees and jeopardize your personal information or files.

Avira comes with a very powerful firewall. It is user friendly and easy to configure, since you can adjust its settings using slide controls. However, avoid setting it up to be too paranoid, you might end up facing useless restrictions that can be even more annoying!

Free vs. Premium
All these features sound amazing indeed, but we all know nothing is entirely free. Since Avira comes in both free and premium versions, the question is: where did its developers set the limit? From what point will you have to pay in order to benefit from complete protection? When we think about the fine line between a free license and a paid license, there are three common questions we tend to ask ourselves:

Which features are restricted in free versions?

Avira comes in three versions: Free, Premium and Internet Security. Avira Internet Security is the full version of the software, comprising all features. The free version does NOT include: AntiVirProActiv, RescueSystem, MailGuard, access to Fast Premium update server, Anti Spam, Firewall, Game Mode, Backup System, Anti Bot and Parental Control. The Premium version includes all features, except Anti Spam, Firewall, Backup System, Anti Bot and Parental Control

How much will it cost?

A full Antivira Internet Security license for one year costs about $52, whereas for a one-year Antivira Premium license you will have to pay $26.

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The third common question – which is also the conclusion for today – is it worth it? Well, this is only up to you to decide. Avira is a powerful antivirus with 99.5% detection rate. It gained the first place in 2008 for speed, followed up by an “Advance+” distinction. Moreover, both antivirus and antispyware components are entirely compatible with the most common network technologies developed by Cisco Systems or Juniper Networks. This is what made Avira one of the first developers to receive an OESIS OK Gold Certification.

So the answer to our question is yes. It’s totally worth it, and given the above mentioned facts, it’s fair to say Avira is one of the most powerful antivirus programs on the market. So if you were thinking about getting protected, you now know what to choose!



  • Avatar Avira Tech Support says:

    Avira internet security gives our all users one of the best internet protection. It provides both versions paid or not paid internet security version also gives total protection and controlled malware and threats. it very easy to any devise it user friendly antivirus.

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    thanks for the great article! I use cccleaner right now on my phone and a shared family account for my laptop(an expensive one!) So I will look into this for my tablets! Thanks!

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