Can You Be Held Liable for a Website You Host?

Web hosting seems like a straightforward business. You provide a server for customers to create websites on, and that’s that. Hosting is not always so simple, however. A little bit of content that violates copyright, is involved in cyber bullying, or incites violence and terror attacks can cause a huge stir, and the action you […]

Warning: Using to Dupe Sellers

Season shopping generates tremendous additional traffic to ecommerce stores. As a result, many cyber criminals see this as an opportunity to scam the unsuspecting public. Online shopping is simple, fast and convenient. Sites like are popular places to complete your holiday shopping list. To capitalize, some hackers have created customized, fake receipts for their […]

NTTA To Unveil White Paper on Network Security

The internet consists of many dangers with threats seemingly lurking in every crevice of cyberspace.  We often hear words of warning for the everyday computer user, but the truth is that these malicious scams and infections can be just as, if not more damaging to large corporate networks.   NTT Communications intends to place emphasis on […]